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Old School MSR Raid Nicely Done; More to Come


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I just want to thank everyone who showed up for yesterday's Old School MSR run. We had a light League, about 36 players, but everyone pulled through like the champs they are; we never saw a single idle player and everybody worked together very well.

One thing we all saw was that the greatest impact on the amount of Vanguard Merits awarded comes from teamwork and full participation; no matter WHERE you fight the Rikti, ramp or bowl, as long as there's a full League with a diverse team and everyone contributes, the rewards are very high.


And it never hurts to have a Lizard and an Ant in your corner. 😉

The GUARDIANS are discussing running this on a semi-regular basis, and we'll post times and dates on the Calendar (thanks, Oklahoman!) when we settle on a schedule.

Thanks again!

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