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Duplicate Log-In Page Another Computer


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Hey folks, hope all is well.


(Forgive me if I overlooked the obvious while relying on my Search-Fu....)


Which file or installation step do I need, so I can duplicate the same log-in page (character roster list) onto another computer?


Big shocker when your "secondary" computer has a disarray of toons, lol.


I have to alternate between my two comps once in a while.


Thanks in advance,

Spread Kindness

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Just download and install the Homecoming Launcher on the 2nd PC, along with any additional mods, COH Modder for example, then use your Account Login. When you log in It will populate your Character List from the server and then you should be good to go.

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In your City of Heroes Game Folder, accounts folder, toon name folder, there is a text file called playerslot.txt that I "think" stores your toon order when you log into the server. you can copy this file from one computer to the other for the toons to be in the order on computer one transferred to computer two.


mine is \Homecoming\accounts\"accountname"\playerslot.txt



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