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Didn't receive Aether


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If you don't already have it set this way, I recommend turning on logging. I usually have to check the previous days log to see when exactly Aethers were given to each of my toons, then do math to figure out the earliest I can earn more on each one. I'm not trying to chase Aethers, but if I am going to run something that awards them anyway, and I have a choice of characters to run it, I may as well get a character that I know is outside the cooldown period.


My guess is that even though you feel sure you were outside the 18 hour cooldown, you may not quite have been. Having the logging info to back you up would help and probably give support more to work with.


Also, remember that Aethers are awarded based on YOUR play experience, not others. So we really can't say "everyone else got one, why didn't I?" Good luck out there!

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