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Razor Cure

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So I just heard about the new servers from a friend and am now queuing (yaay) up to try it!

It is totally awesome the game is back, in any form at all!




I played the HELL out of the old game. I had at least 50odd lvl 50 toons, just about all tricked out with shiny (not always teh best/most expensive IOs') stuff,

Incarnate powers, accolades, badges. I loved the game, the powers sets, everything. But I DO recall some annoying parts like..



Low level Life.

The lvl 1-22 grind, to just get SOs/basic IOs. Sure, lvl 1-10 was pretty fast, in a bit team doing the sewer for awhile. But not everyone did that. Or wanted to. Then there

is how expensive SOs actually were. Granted, after 3 years of playing and 50 toons, i had loads or cash, so it was not a big deal. But I still remember making my first

Hero (i started on CoV), getting to 50, and NOT having enough money to fully SO myself. Which i thought was rather rubbish.


Maybe an increase in inf rates? Like 2-5 times? Have all SOs free, for everyone (no idea if that is possible).



Salvage and the Auction houses.

Again, this was not a big deal with huge cash reserves, and a big population all playing the game, at ALL levels. Basically every recipe and bit of salvage was there, even if it

might cost a bit more than you wanted. But now we have a queue (not blaming that, at all) and everyone starts again. The first level 50s wont have any stack of items to

buy, for quite a long time.


A BIG increase in salvage and recipe drop rates, even free salvage?


If some of those ideas seem a bit entitled..well..I feel like it. After putting so much time into the original game. If I could somehow get my toons back, that would

be amazing. Don't get me wrong, it is totally awesome the game is back at ALL! But to start from nothing, well, that is one thing from CoX that I don't miss in the least.

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