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I don't understand?


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I was playing my supervillain early this morning. I logged off around 9am eastern standard time. I got a message saying the servers were coming down.


I went and did a few things and I just wanted to check out my toon again for a little bit (around early afternoon). I put in my account name and password.


I was able to log in. I saw the list of servers. I chose Reunion as that is the server I am on.  Instead of going to my character list I immediately got some strange message stating wrong game version, patcher and reconnect, server 202209111_5121, client 20220829_5091?


Is there something off with Reunion still? I mean I did see it was taken down just a few hours ago for maintenance?


Does this mean I can't play COH/COV anymore?


No idea what this error message means?


If anyone can suggest anything I would appreciate it. Thank you

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