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Steven Sheridan mission, "Stop the Rikti Assault": "Hostile" panicked civilians


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So I encountered the strangest thing in this mission. I'm not entirely certain that it's a bug, but the Wiki article for the mission mentions nothing about it.


This is a "board transit" mission. I encountered multiple groups of level 1 civilians, all huddled together, cowering in fear. They were all labeled "Citizen", and showed the group membership, "<Paragon Citizens>". The odd part was that they were all hostile, i.e. I could have attacked them had I chosen to do so, despite this being a blueside mission. When I would approach to within a certain distance, they would all run away as a group.




And when I followed them, I discovered they were all making their way to the mission exit:




Like I said, I'm not certain that this is a bug, as I don't believe I've ever done this mission before now, and I'm sure I would remember it if I'd seen this before. Regardless, it was extremely strange.

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