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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hero Corps announces a return to Paragon City!

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PRESS RELEASE 164446960_HCPressReleaseLogo.png.ddef384e992ff8c0b42c4ce09acb367f.png



Contact Information:
Hero Corps, Ultd.

Rebecca J. Foss, Esq.

555-519-2801 x 101

[email protected] 





New legal framework opens up for increased global cooperation.


The effects of the Praetorian invasion and the awakening of “Mot” within the confines of Paragon City are still felt today, and all around the world. Countless lives were lost in those frantic moments, not the least of which was that of the beloved hero Statesman, the world’s strongest champion.


Time and again in the face of great hardship, terror and tragedy, super-powered beings rise to fight for the greater good. Even against an eternal god of death, supers from all walks of life, from righteous to dastardly, laid their differences aside and came together in a great, albeit temporary, alliance to defend all of humanity against supernatural extermination and extradimensional subjugation. Once again, humanity proved that when push comes to shove, nothing can stand up to a united Earth. In the wake of such events, Hero Corps is proud to announce a return to the beloved birthplace of the modern superhero, Paragon City.


Hero Corps is a global franchise with branches all over the world, from Mexico City to Jakarta, from Rio de Janeiro to London. Over a hundred local branches employ thousands of heroes to serve and protect their communities, reducing crime and increasing protection against natural and manmade disasters. Our heroes are well paid and provided for - a necessity to let them focus on doing what they do best: helping you.


While Hero Corps has been a force to reckon with globally since 2003, the local Paragon City branch has until now exclusively employed local heroes to serve as advisors, in deference to city sentiment and legal challenges alike. However, recent developments in both city and national ordinances have opened up an opportunity for members of all our branches to bring their considerable talents to Paragon City, under a new program of temporary licensing provided to members of select internationally established supergroups.


Make no mistake, we fully support and respect the Citizens Fighting Crime Act, but Hero Corps offers up an improved incentive: Liability Protection, Accountability, and active involvement in our employed supers' continued growth and mastery of themselves. We encourage all supers to work for the greater good, but remind everyone that a super without accountability to an employer, government, or country is a fine line that can shift with a single decision. We are not Heroes for Hire. We are Power with Purpose, Duty with Direction, and Action with Accountability.


So today we have re-opened our doors in Paragon City to bring our resources in the time of Galaxy City's need. If you need someone, we'll be there. Look for a shining beacon of hope in these dark times.



The Duty of Power


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There comes a time in which all stories must come to an end. It's a shame, hero, that you and your people aren't writing the end of yours. We've taken it upon ourselves to be the author of this universe's story, and your chapter will be added to the ever-growing story of how we dictated the path for all life.


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