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safeguard mission not updating


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I have done a number of safeguard missions.  It appears there are issues with updating events like bank robbery (2 times) and the side missions.  Bomb, store robbery, etc.  Only 1 was updated yesterday and a few were not.  The one that did was a full group.


The others were solo runs.  I should be noted that the client crashed at some point and it might be because of that.  In any case, it isn't getting saved real time and suspect is it designed to update upon exit.  lets hope this isn't something the client side is supposed to update.  If the server is supposed to do this, then it should save upon the bug.  But real time is ideal.


Update:  Just ran another safeguard and crashed out again.



Update2:  Just ran another safeguard did not crash.  Had 3 side missions:  weapons deal, escape, arson/bomb.  Exited mission via exit button.  Didn't update side missions.  went to detective in case the update happens then..Nope.  Logged out and in, no update.


I went to Ouroboros all i got was this lousy secret!



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