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Magisterium: Triple Threat and Others


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So I'm starting this topic looking for advice on how to organize people for Triple Threat and other Magisterium Mo badges.


Ready to Rumble, The Hard Way, and Shadow Master are fairly straight forward. The Hard Way, I assume, one would just wait to snuff two rounds of lights until the Favor mechanic kicks in.


But Triple Threat is a consistent problem and I can't help but feeling there's a better way to manage the three AV fight that I'm just not aware of, so I'm looking for advice from those who've done it. Shadowhunter seems easy enough to burn, but Chimera and Pendragon pose some problems.


A) Pendragon. This guy seems like the major roadblock. I understand he gets a temp HP shield from being in combat and attacking. How do you work around this? My best guess so far is having a team of pure ranged damage burn him while a tank kites him to prevent him from building rage but I haven't been able to test that.


B) Chimera. I'm not really sure what's going on with his arrow rain markers. Half the time the markers seem to just stick around and do nothing?


There's not a lot of text guides on this trial out there, so any experience is welcome.

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Little late on this, but my group just got Triple Threat / Hard Way in a single run.


For Triple Threat, you'll want to split the teams. Have one team for SH, one for NP, and one for Chimera. For NP/SH, you'll want to pull them apart just a bit so AOE is not as effective on them. What you do is push SH down to dog form and then switch DPS to NP. By that time, the Chimera team should have him near ready to start tower-bouncing. The Rain of Arrows is just a damage on you sort of deal, but sometimes it doesnt trigger.


For NP/SH, you'll want to communicate slowing down in case NP's shield goes up. Stop around 10% and gradual burn from there. NP will get his shield back during this, so teams have to be mindful of that. Time their HP to hit about 2-3% close to one another. At that point, if NP doesnt have his shield up, burn them down

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