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Incorrect Detailed Information on Breath of Fire for Stalkers/Scrappers

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Stalker detailed info from chargen screen for Breath of fire:


This is pretty screwed up.  We seem to be seeing the line for from-hide crits, showing a 0% chance for normal crits, and then seeing what I assume are the normal up-front damage and DoT are both tagged with the crit detail saying that the "chance increases the more allies are nearby." 

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 12.28.43 PM.png

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This is the Scrapper version, which shows the minions crit line, doesn't show the LT/Boss crit line, lists the major normal effects as being only with fiery embrace, and then has these 2 and 4 ticks of DoT that I don't understand -- maybe they really are Fiery Embrace effects?  Not sure.


As far as I can tell, these are display bugs for the detailed info, the powers actually seem to be functioning okay (though my testing is not in depth and there may be subtle bugs).

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