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  1. HC has literally hundreds of players on a shard. This isn't to say that I disagree with your points, but I think you're underestimating the population of the shards.
  2. I use AS (with chance to hide) followed by Moonbeam like literally all the time, it has never forced slow-snipe for me. Moonbeam doesn't get slow because you're hidden, like AS does, it gets slow if you have neither attacked nor been attacked for 8 seconds.
  3. If you want heal + absorb, go Bio. It's a great set, it covers this schtick well. I avoided absorb for the same reason that I doubled down on clicky powers instead of passive ones -- give Regen a unique identity.
  4. This is an attempt to make Regeneration a mid-to-top-tier armor set, while retaining its identity as click-heavy and not passive. Willpower is fine as a passive regeneration set. If you just want your health to climb in the background without you doing anything, choose Willpower. T1: Reconstruction (Self Heal, Resist Toxic). Reconstruction is a good solid cornerstone power and honestly everyone (well, Scrappers and Brutes) should just be told up front that they're fuckin' taking it. No changes necessary. T2: Revive (Self Rez). This is a suggestion from the other Regen redesign thread, and I think it's a good one. Move the revive up to a point where it's potentially more useful, where you can't improve your damage mitigation with IOs and so forth, and then let people respec out of it when they stop needing it. I'd also cut the cooldown on this dramatically, maybe to two minutes, or even to one. If you wanna spam Revive, go with god, man -- there are obvious downsides. I guess that would mean cutting the debt protection down, but does debt have any bite these days anyway? T3: Quickened Metabolism (Auto: Self +regen, +recovery, +resist(regen debuff), +resist(slow)). This is a combination of the old T1 and T3, plus a bit of slow resistance. T4: Integration (Toggle: Self +Res(Knockback, Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize), +Regen). This is unchanged, but moved up earlier in the set because frankly it armor sets want their goddamn mez resistance. T5: Dull Pain (Self Heal, +Max Health). A great power as-is, but it requires some serious recharge reduction to be good, and so delaying it a bit is not a big deal. You want good enhancement values and some spare slots before Dull Pain comes into its own. T6: Burst of Energy (Self: +Damage, +Recovery, +Regen). So this is a big part of my sense of this being a radical revamp of Regeneration. Armor sets that give people access to offensive abilities are in high demand, and create an incentive for people to work around some flaws in the pure mitigation aspects of the set. Rather than trying to make Regeneration be top tier in pure mitigation, give them a reason to come to the set besides theme. This would be a rapid recharge (maybe 30 seconds base recharge) clicky that gives a short (10 second) bonus to damage that scales to current hitpoints (so it gives more of a bonus the lower your current hitpoints). It wouldn't stack, just replace. It would give some +recovery and +regen just to stay in theme, but the draw would be the +damage. T7: Instant Healing (Self: Heal). The other part of why this is a radical redesign, and why everyone will hate this proposal. My idea is the exact opposite of the "make it a toggle!" calls. Instant Healing in this mode would be potentially huge amounts of mitigation at the cost of constantly clicking. It would be lower base heal than Reconstruction, maybe as low as 5%, but spammable. Maybe literally spammable, like with 0 cooldown, or maybe just a very short cooldown, like 4 seconds. The idea is that if you want, you can sit there and do nothing but click Instant Healing, and it would be very hard to overcome the mitigation that this provides, but it's at the cost of you, you know, doing things. This gives you, with Burst of Energy, a playstyle that is hopefully like, "Let my health dip, fire Burst of Energy, try to damage my way out of this, oh shit shit stab instant healing a bunch of times to hopefully get out of trouble!" A lot of risk/reward management tools, basically. T8: Resilience (Auto: Resist (all damage, stun)). As-is. Not an exciting power, but this set needs some passive mitigation. T9: Moment of Glory (Self +DEF(All DMG but Psionics), +Res(All DMG but Psionics, Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Knockback, Repel), +Recovery). No change. So the end result of this set is designed to be one that really embraces low-level play, with Quickened Metabolism giving you very efficient low-end healing and recovery and Revive giving you a kind of dramatic power for low levels, and then as it hits mid-high levels Burst of Energy and Instant Healing giving you a bunch of ability to customize your offense/defense tradeoffs to your style of play and type of enemy. It cedes passive regeneration as a concept entirely to Willpower and doubles down on active clicking, and tries to present in Instant Healing and Burst of Energy some unique powers that "feel" different from the heals that other sets give. Explain why this is a terrible idea below.
  5. Correct, +damage does not change proc damage. Almost nothing affects the damage of procs -- the only thing that really will cause an enemy to take more damage from a proc per se is a -res debuff. Aside from that, all you can do is try to get the proc to fire more frequently (ie, global recharge + using the attack as soon as it's off cooldown). One generally gives up a lot to really proc out a character, because you need to, first, give up all set bonuses in several attacks that would normally carry some global recharge/defense, and second, you tend to want to build heavily for global recharge, since that's what really improves procs, and that tends to leave you Very Short On Mitigation. I had hoped that the secret sauce of proccing a character was to just build a tank, since they simply don't really need significant amounts of mitigation from their set bonuses, and their lower damage modifier doesn't affect procs, but both my own few experiments there and the overall feeling of the board seems to be that, you know, procs can be good on tanks, but they still won't be competitive with other melee ATs even with a very heavily procced build. (This is why I don't really believe that procs need a nerf. I do think they need some rounds of simplification, because holy shit are they complicated.)
  6. All that assumes you're fighting even-conn opponents, and that you're achieving 50% uptime on opportunity on all opponents that your party is fighting. Defenders are also hurt by the purple patch, of course, so that's somewhat apples to apples (their buffs aren't affected by it though). But it's important to note that if you're comparing sentinels resistance debuffs in a +4 world, you're doing half those numbers.
  7. Okay, some actual suggestions: 1. Base proc rate (or scalar) on unenhanced recharge (plus animation time) Due to ED, it is fairly trivially possible to get more global recharge than local recharge. We don't gain much "balance" by scaling proc rate to local recharge, when global recharge is the controlling factor for how fast the power actually recharges. Doing this removes complexity and newbie traps. Reduce PPMs or change the formula as appropriate, and then just let recharge be recharge. 2. Either replace proc rate with a scalar, or create schedules of proc damage For procs that do damage or healing or other scalar values (as opposed to ones that, for example, proc a stun or +2 mag hold or whatever), introduce something that allows a low-damage, fast-recharge power to proc at a reasonable rate, but for lower damage (or healing value, or whatever). That might mean just changing the proc formula to being a modifier on the damage. So instead of proccing for 71 damage 50% of the time, proc for 36 damage 100% of the time (or instead of 71 damage 10% of the time, 7.1 damage 100% of the time). Or perhaps fix proc rate to 50% and then scale damage appropriately. Or create a few schedules, so schedule A might be 30 damage, schedule B 50 damage, schedule C 70 damage, schedule E 90 damage, and have powers define which schedule they proc. This gets us out of being so interested in "sweet spot" powers that are more than 10 seconds, and ideally more than 15 seconds, of recharge time. You can also use this to tune the AoE stuff a little better, I think.
  8. T2 revive is actually a neat concept, I'm into it.
  9. So the devs have stated that they're going to take a look at procs. It seems possible that we're at the right time in the dev cycle to actually have an impact on what, conceptually, they do (unlike Energy Melee, guys, you really need to let it go). So I thought I'd create a clearinghouse thread. Here are my problems with the current PPM framework: 1. It really rewards a narrow range of powers. You kinda want a power with like a 15-20 second base recharge time. Any more recharge time than that is wasted, any less and your proc rate drops precipitously. If you have a power that is perfectly hovering at the edge of the point where you get a 90% proc rate, then a normal damage proc adds 64.575 damage expected to the power without any ED concerns -- that's way more than a damage enhancement at that scale of power would add (roughly: even a high end IO adds at most about 50% damage to a power, powers with a 15 second recharge time don't do 130 damage). But get longer recharge, damage procs are less exciting, get shorter, they're less exciting. This is just... weird. We shouldn't be pouring through sets looking for powers that have a 15 second recharge time. 2. They're very independent of the actual power. The only thing a proc cares about is "can I be slotted in this power," "what's this power's AoE," and "what's this power's recharge time." A minimal-damage hold is exactly the same as a high damage blast etc. It kind of robs sets of individuality. A lot of normal CoH is about managing factors that build up your damage normally -- it sucks that procs ignore scrap/stalk crits, ignores build-up and other damage boosters, ignores almost everything except getting into a power with the right recharge time. 3. It puts more pressure on slotting for global recharge Global recharge was plenty good before it was a way to triple the DPS contribution of your procs. Here are things I do not mind about procs: 1. They allow low-damage ATs to close some of the damage gap with high-damage ATs. The supremacy of blasters and scrappers/brutes does not seem to me to be empirically threatened by current proc mechanics. We aren't seeing everyone just run defenders. You give up a lot to cram 3+ procs in your five main attack powers, and I think there's a pretty good tradeoff right now in terms of how much you have to give up to get a damage boost. My testing with, for example, extremely heavily procced out tanks does not suggest that they can get brute-like damage from procs.
  10. PvP procs are normal damage procs, they don't get anything special. They're 3.5 PPM, 70-whatever damage instead of 4.5 PPM 100-whatever damage. So it's way worse.
  11. Here is a change nobody will like: Instant Healing becomes a 5% (enhanceable) heal with a 1 second animation time and a 4 second base recharge time. It gives a 2% damage bonus, stackable, for 5 seconds, for every percentage point of health below 50% you are (so, +100% damage bonus if below 0.5% health). If you have not attacked or been attacked in 8 seconds, it does 100% heal and gives 100% endurance.
  12. This would be in a redesign that removes Opportunity. I am honestly... pretty doubtful that this level of ambitious redesign of Sentinels is going to actually... happen. I mean, it's been more than six months to redesign Energy Melee. I don't think there's any suggestion that a Sent revamp would happen in page 6. The thing that CP has been talking about -- completely changing the inherent of Sentinels -- seems like a bigger lift than anything that has so far happened in Homecoming.
  13. Because when you have a totally permissive set, you quickly end up going 1, 2, 3, 1, 4 repeat for a lot of gameplay. Having something that adds some tension to your decisions of what power to cast next, where you MIGHT want to press 2 but also you MIGHT want to press 3 is more engaging. Now, I'd argue that in general CoH has had difficulty actualizing that idea, but it's a good idea at base. Classes like defender/controller/corruptor/dom have some of that anyway because their powers are much more diverse than the melee sets, so there's just generally more of, "Should I fire off this mez or this debuff or this heal" going on in combat, but classes that mostly have a choice between "damage, more damage, and aoe damage" have a harder time staying interesting.
  14. Per the powers api, it's 1.33 seconds nominal cast time, and thus presumably 1.584 seconds arcanatime.
  15. I dearly, dearly hope that Page 6 is way past the point where they're still looking for fundamental philosophical approaches about how to change Energy Melee.
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