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  1. My understanding is that, in PvP, there is value in layering additional stealth on Hide, for stalkers. Do multiple stealth IOs stack, or just one and then I have to go the Concealment pool? Can I be functionally invisible as a stalker, or are builds with some +perception going to see me no matter what?
  2. I get that on some level the front loading of the crits was a technology limitation, not purely design choice, but it would be a nerf to change them to dots, and some amount of balance around crits has probably crept in over time. It's not like this was a straight up mistake, it was known and presumably balanced around. So I'd only support a change for a set that felt overturned, or with a compensating buff.
  3. I think this thread kind of fundamentally misunderstands farming. I don't think there are a ton of people out there saying, "God, I long to do regular content, but I just can't get over the insufficient rewards." You farm because some of the following apply to you: You enjoy farming. You actively do not enjoy (or are bored with) other options for levelling You want to get enough money/XP for some goal (purpling out an alt, seeing what a particular combo plays like at high level) as quickly as possible, especially solo Making the rewards for other content higher will not affect either of the first two reasons, and it will only affect the third reason if we actually make the rewards for other content not just higher, but superior to farming (and maybe not even then. You can already make more money from the market than farming).
  4. How is stalker hemorrhage incorrectly coded?
  5. I'm guessing "no." I think the answer to this one is no, too, but are the plant/nature powers that put like mushrooms on people and stuff available to custom enemies in AE? I wasn't able to find them.
  6. I'm looking at the power definition per the "Powers API" in the tools. I don't see any regen benefit. I'm not totally sure how to interpret the powers block for healing powers, but it looks to me like what it does is give a 9.04 heal (base, enhanceable), at level 50, every 2 seconds. I may be misunderstanding something, though. It also says scale 0.075, which maybe means it's actually a 7.5% heal every 2 seconds (probably not, that sounds way too high)? But I'm not sure. (In comparison, Healing Flames says it's a 301.19 heal, scale 2.5.)
  7. In for example the villain clone arc, there are enemies that are sort of Praetorian army and/or clockwork that are infected by Devouring Earth, plus some more traditional Devouring Earth enemies. Are these available in the AE? If so, what's the name of their enemy group?
  8. Geometric, not exponential.
  9. Minions and lieutenants get scaling AoE defense to team size. Minions more than lieutenants. Probably not a good idea, but one that's narrowly about the dominance of AoE.
  10. Yep, I was trying not to assume super high-end builds, since I don't think that's a useful metric to balance general performance to. I also don't have epic attacks in here, and the way that epics works is that they benefit more sets that just have one gap. If all you need is one more great attack to fill your attack chain with great attacks, epics are really good. If your attack chain is a bunch of mediocre stuff, adding in one epic attack doesn't change things that much. Clobber has a 16 second base recharge time. With 200% total recharge, it's on a 5.33 second cooldown. With 300% total recharge (like say 200% global 100% local) it's on a 4 second cooldown. That still leaves a .3 second gap in the attack chain to get a three-attack chain with Jawbreaker and Pulverize. So getting a gapless three-attack chain with Jawbreaker and Pulverize takes a TON of recharge, but maybe a four-attack chain with an epic or something is pretty good.
  11. Yeah, I obviously am not taking a lot of time to look at people's set bonuses and try to figure out backwards whether they've got a really optimized build or if they just threw whatever set looked convenient into whatever powers they have. Just saying that, at least in RP spaces in Everlasting, on level 50s, sets are much more common than non-sets.
  12. I know that some people are interested in getting a sense for how many people use SOs or common IOs versus set bonuses and "builds." I'd like to offer one data point. It's not by any means a comprehensive window. On Everlasting, I often glance at people's power choices to see if they'd be good people to do some PvP with. The overwhelming majority of level 50s in the RP spaces have fully set-IO'd builds. Like, I've seen some who don't, certainly, but it's a small minority. People who aren't 50 are more like maybe 50/50 having sets, maybe even 60/40 in favor of not having sets. But, in RP spaces, it's pretty rare to not use sets once you're at level cap. Now, maybe that just means the casual players don't go into RP spaces, but here's one data point for the idea that it's not some crazy exception to have a decked out character.
  13. I think that people are underestimating the additional difficulty that would be created by making specifically minions and lieutenants last longer. Making just the boss last twice as long when the minions and lieutenants are gone would just be a pointless speedbump. Letting another 10 mobs actually get off some attacks would increase the danger at least somewhat. There would also be more chance that the tank missed a minion or two and the squishies drew some fire.
  14. I think it would be worthwhile to have some (not all!) enemies have substantial damage mitigation powers that are detoggled or suppressed by mezzes. Something that packs a punch, like a 50% DR or substantial self-heal.
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