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  1. Enhancement set names: Cold Snap Boreal Flash Freeze Frostbite Glaciate Chilling Wave Brittle Transition Shattering Freeze Deep Freeze Benumb (slow set) Rapid Condensation Negentropy Polar Express (j/k) Frigiate Icy Tomb (hold set, not that holds need more damage procs I guess) Ithaqua's Breath
  2. Can you stack knockback? I think it's an instantaneous effect, so different sources can't stack it (one power activation can potentially stack, so if you have a knockdown power and then you add a %chance to KD proc, I think that can stack up into knockback). But I've never seen it stack from different sources. As far as I know, once you're in the KB/KD cycle, you're immune to other KB.
  3. This is a persistent myth. Sentinel resistance debuffs are not unresistable.
  4. Sometimes when I get the Arcane Power proc, Arcane Bolt does not recharge. Here's an example in my combat log: You Immobilize Button Man Buckshot with your Ring of Fire. You hit Button Man Buckshot with your Ring of Fire for 3 points of Fire damage over time. You hit Button Man Buckshot with your Char for 3 points of Fire damage over time. You hit Button Man Buckshot with your Char for 3 points of Fire damage over time. Arcane Power bursts through your body! Arcane Bolt is still recharging. You hit Button Man Buckshot with your Char for 3 points of Fire damage over time. You
  5. This has now either been resolved or resolved itself.
  6. I get a client/server version mismatch error when trying to log into Brainstorm. I'm on a mac with Island Rum. When I restart Island Rum, it does not appear to detect any new client version.
  7. If you want to aim for a just-north-of-5-seconds attack chain for Ice Melee, you need 200% recharge on Assassin's Ice Sword and Freezing Touch, which does probably mean slotting them both for local recharge -- sort of a bummer. Aiming for a 10.25 second attack chain isn't by any means a bad idea for many Stalkers: you'll proc better by forgoing local recharge, you can use the snipes, and remember that getting a near-guaranteed crit on your biggest power is like adding another big hitter power in your rotation. However, I've never sat down and tried to build an ideal chain for Ice
  8. I just did a little bit of qualitative lowbie testing on a fire/kin controller with Arcane Bolt and Mystic Flight, levels 1-7. Planning to continue to level the character and grab more Sorcery powers and see what it looks like holistically. I used a Controller on the theory that Arcane Bolt was best for Trollers. Mystic Flight I mean, it's fine. The flight definitely feels faster than it does on live (presumably because it is much faster, especially for a lowbie). Trying to use the teleport to speed travel time still feels like a bit of a wash. Only marg
  9. The chance to hide proc can only fire once every 10.25 seconds (regardless of its proc chance with the PPM calculations). After each time it hides you, it simply will not proc for 10.25 seconds. So if you have an attack chain that takes, say, 9.5 seconds to completely, what happens is: Attack chain 1: You get presumably around a 90% chance of hiding yourself after your Assassin's strike. Attack chain 2: You're still in the lockout, so 0% chance to hide. Attack chain 3: You're now out of the lockout, so 90% chance to hide again But since nobody has a reall
  10. I played an Ice/Bio stalker through to the endgame. It's a powerful choice (as in: I soloed TFs and probably 20 or so AVs). Bio lacks in pure mitigation. I disagree with the previous poster about the essentialness of DNA Siphon and Parasitic Aura (I mean -- if you want to play at high difficulties. If you want to play at +0/x1, I presume you can do whatever you want). You'll certainly want to invest in power pools and sets to turn the mediocre resistances and defenses that it gives you into something better (especially in offensive mode). But it gives you a damage bonus, good
  11. The way it "should" work to my understanding is: On cast of the power, it should proc as a ST-power of its actual recharge time, for any procs that are applicable to the target or caster. With each drop of the patch (which is a pseudopet), it will have a chance to re-activate procs, with an effective 10 second recharge time, and the appropriate area factor, per target. It won't be subject to the "only once every 10 second" rule because each patch is a new pseudopet that doesn't "know" about previous castings.
  12. Inspirations are powerful. Having 33% uptime on two different inspiration effects with no slotting needed is being interpreted by some here as though it were obviously bad, but it's actually not obvious at all.
  13. These are really exciting changes (more exciting, to me, than anything in the first three builds), and I think it should be a big counterexample to people who are concerned that feedback is not being heard. (Er, speaking of in general all the changes in build 4, not just the ones excerpted above).
  14. You could set a passcode for your base (you don't have to tell it to anyone) and then set up a macro or keybind to enterbasefrompasscode for your own base. That should get it to one keypress, albeit not by clicking on the portal in your view.
  15. That makes sense. But, vice-versa, it seems like you're tacitly acknowledging that right now, RoP does carry three power picks. If the RoP nerf came alongside a revamp to the Sorcery power pool, and you could make the case that nerfed RoP was carrying its weight as a T3 power that has good, solid T1 and T2 choices leading up to it that it doesn't need to carry, that's one thing. But if you're saying, "RoP is now balanced if you imagine a world in which the T1 and T2 sorcery powers were good," aren't you admitting that now in the real world RoP is bad? Not balanced, but bad.
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