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  1. They don't! Invulnerability, for example, loses nothing to get hide. It does get a static, rather than scaling +to-hit/def toggle, but it's not in trade for hide -- it's just that Stalkers don't get scaling auras. Super reflexes, I believe, loses literally nothing on Stalkers. The lost auto power just gets folded into evasion.
  2. With some exceptions, Stalkers usually lose an AoE for AS. The idea is you lose something you miss, not your worst attack.
  3. It's probably better on Stalkers, all else being equal, though all else isn't. Bio is better on scrappers, for example, to such a degree that StJ/Bio is probably better overall on scrappers. StJ gives up Rib Cracker for assassin's strike. AS is much higher damage than Rib Cracker, and it builds two combo levels. StJ Stalkers face a somewhat awkward attack chain, but they do great damage. They lack a slotting opportunity for -res (which Rob Cracker gives), but I find @Sovera's contention that we have overemphasized -res due to the peculiarities of pylon mechanics convincing.
  4. I wouldn't do a martial arts stalker, with literally no aoe in your primary. Street Justice is good on Stalkers, arguably its best iteration, for the usual reason: sets with one really good ST attack and a bunch of kind of mediocre stuff welcome assassin's strike. I think the most interesting thing about martial arts is the defense bonus that tankers and brutes get with it, making it possible to have very durable builds with resistance or hybrid armor sets. If you're pairing it with a defense armor set then it just seems like a kind of outdated melee set? Pretty, though. Like t
  5. It's not great right now, agreed. But it would be easy to tick it over into too good. Movement bonus, maybe a mild chaining thing on its attack (since right now it's not great in crowds where the untargeting thing really hurts), the "ignores recharge," all good bonuses. More st damage or reduced casting problems, probably not.
  6. It does enormous damage! https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=pets.voltaicsentinel.electrical_bolt&at=minion_pets It does 44.4882 damage (unenhanced) with an arcanatime of 1.32 seconds and a CD of 2.5 seconds. It has a 60 second duration. So, if there are enemies within range, it should cast 15 times in its duration. 15 * 44.4882 = 698.77 damage! Unenahnced! It's way more than a nuke or a critting tier-3 Crushing Uppercut or anything. Now, like, I get it. It does that damage over a minute. It takes a long time to pay off its animation tim
  7. A toggle would be a significant damage buff, since its cast time is significant.
  8. I like the idea of making the power ignore recharge buffs. Seems like it is, strangely, a useful QoL improvement.
  9. Pre the Energy Melee changes, Street Justice was at least arguably the top-tier single target stalker set.
  10. It will act as though it has a recharge time of 10 seconds.
  11. You can't just command-tab? That works for me, though when in full screen mode it also does something weird with the screen's alignment, that i can fix by going into windowed mode and out again.
  12. Yeah, with my stalker, it was like, "a few purples because I was bio armor and wasn't quite softcapped to neg energy, then lots of reds (and I think Lore) and just hope." I didn't take 50 shots at her, but it feels like it would have been de facto impossible to do a pure no-insp, no-lore, no nothing run. Needless to say, if she did land a spin on me, it was game over, I had no ability to survive it solo. She's one of the more interesting AVs to fight.
  13. Nice! Having almost 70% neg energy resist detoggled is probably the key.
  14. Yeah, though of course your toggles are suppressed because you're held. I just thought that the damage from it was above any AT's max hp.
  15. Huh, can tanks survive the spin? When I did her as my stalker (using insps), I just burned her down before she landed one on me. Figured tanks would have a problem with that.
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