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QoL improvement for badgers. Badge credit for all arcs upon completion in all scenarios.


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I had posted a question about badge credit for leader only in certain scenarios.




It's essentially this: When badging with a team and running ouro missions, there are some that only give credit to the owner.  Is there a way to tell which ones those are?


Faultline responded and gave this explanation:


There's nothing I can point out that a player will consistently see
Badges based on BadgeStat tracking still be owner only, as well as badges triggered by talking to a contact
The Shauna Braun badges are triggered by talking to a contact, but you don't think about it because the contact is the NPC you rescued in the last mission. You talk to it, and your choice gives you the badge (and cutscene)
Same for the graveyard shift, the contact you talk to is the radio at the entrance




If this could be fixed so each team member gets the badge under the above conditions, that'd be great.


I appreciate your time and consideration.



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