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  1. ... but it’s called atomic. I might as well be called dumbo because I have big ears. Anyway, with regards to hover farming and the poster’s recollection of water/rad, I’d fancy a guess that it was a corruptor. However several combos could work. BR/TA, Fire/TA blasters, etc. GLHF
  2. Blasters can’t. Sentinels stink so I don’t even consider their existence.
  3. “All I know is they mentioned Water/Rad but no AT.” Water/Rad can only be a corrupter. Then there’s a rad/water which could only be a defender.
  4. I made this. Super fun but needs ageless to enjoy. I already had an ice/psi/ice so I made it an ice/psi/psi instead and followed this model. Enjoying it. Appreciate the build and the thought put into it. Regards, Dave
  5. Graphs, neat! I don't have alts, I have a lot of 50 built out toons with winters, purples and ATOs as needed. Some of the early ones I need to remake. I find a combo, do a build or find one that looks very nice on the forum and get it to 50 in about 2.5 hours. I have 76 level 50s now. All accoladed as well with the 4 stat boosting accolades and demonic aura. I went back and accoladed my toons after I had 65 or so and decided I'd dip my toes in it. Took me a couple of months to get it done. I do not recommend accolading after the fact but I'm happy now that it's done. I'm th
  6. Awesome, thanks Dove. Rad is one of my favorite armor sets, also packs on the damage with meltdown, musculuture and assault. I wasn't aware of those scrapper specific benefits but am aware of the power of proccing those powers. The information will certainly help others as well. I'm glad I posted this, kinda led me to a better outcome. Thanks, Dave
  7. Thanks for the replies. @sovera I have read some of your stuff in the past, thanks for sharing that you found it unimpressive. Maybe WM/Rad armor is the way?
  8. Yeah, I'm thinking about it but I don't know if I roll it as a brute or a scrapper. It'd probably be a toon I take fold space on for the burn and juicy WM attacks. I don't need help with a build, I can figure all that out but curious about opinions on scrapper or a brute for this combination. Just how glorious are WM crits vs a an enraged brute blindly hitting everything in his path? Thanks, Dave
  9. I want fold space to work without any cap, any distance requirement, accuracy check or LoS restriction. Bring 'em all, with a single click.
  10. Sure. I'm just sharing a perspective from someone with close to 70 toons. I don’t have potato internet and my computer from 2012 runs the game really well. I was sharing the tip because some might not be aware. It's an alternative option. Regards, Dave
  11. You don't need them. Instead use a macro for a base with portals. When you hit the LRTP or any base transporter power that pops up a window, hit the macro. You can do the same when you're near a base portal. It'll consume the power and send you into the base. Once in, use the base TP to get to the zone you want. Regards, Dave
  12. Apologies for throwing a gripe in here but it is on topic. I had the name Burnin' Prick since 6/x/2019. Vet level 620. He's my fire farmer. Of course there's the double meaning and innuendo while also describing each side of the powersets. He got genericed yesterday. It was funny, juvenile, amusing and apparently offensive. I want to take this moment to apologize to those I hurt. It's on the market, fellas since they don't lock the reported/genericed names, it's now open season on it. Just beware of Karens and Chads. I think "Enormous Genit
  13. The update URL is correct. Does it say Mids' Reborn v3.0.1.9 at the very top of the Mids application or does it just say v3.0? If it says then you have the latest version.
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