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  1. Hi, very solid. Used most of it but the biggest change I made is I moved the uniques out of Energize. They won't trigger unless you use it so I put them in health however I don't need health 4 or 5 slotted so I just went with the Panacea and the Miracle. I put those slots elsewhere (stamina, savage strike and focused accuracy). I also removed the 5th reactive defenses from each of the times it appeared and replaced with an LOTG unique. More recharge instead of endurance discount any day of the week. I re-slotted Rending Flurry and moved some other minor things around here or there. In the end I have much more recharge and negative energy is now above softcap. Thanks for the build, appreciate it. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1488;692;1384;HEX;| |78DA6594594F534114C7E76E946EAC6593A52C8542816BABF868080A9A084D48F0B| |D5EDAA154B134B768E4D16FA0A8DF40115F7C3271F908AE5FC00F20A2807B3431F5| |30E74F31B937D05FE7CC9C99DF9CE9DCF48DE9D0E3F3372785567776C52997330B5| |9D72995A46BA59D7C212BE8094EE59CABBD0BCE75272F7DD4EE3C1C9249CB15296D| |EEE14657B56F5A2EC96259DA3345E9E6D73353D75C4704E6575757EC859294B990F| |A3A279D52A1980FABC6B9427E798D5A91C3AE9C74CBCB85526651AE398D33A542D6| |3EB39A5BCFA49DF29A74D7DB496598FE9F1C7CA8A762892B849429F42530CF3497C| |10273E832DAAD444DE55283BEC44D51638135CC711F58CBB42847E31C4D3B61A879| |EADA28D06D8A7EAA8F813E6394D70881CFC8D3624FCD422C0E6E8D08E1C31E7CF74| |C15ABBD0BDE660636C03BCCD02D660DF9F8B107FF2E7CF6980DFBCCE35FC0164DD1| |473941CE11C13E7668258130DCC3B3C8FF66A83DD7D2F87AEED3EB4FF11CAD13CCF| |614F329EDAF91F760364E727ED3695D31B2ADABFA443E32533B4C3FCDDB0CF766B8| |B7C3BD07EE09B827E0AE93670BAF235A2AF40883226D98A5ED37B2BF33FB7E30077| |E813F99CFC9B60315EFC871258F5D021D66D7229865F648A649EB7562BDCEAF9817| |D63158C7601D83758076DA0DEBEE1857FC053944E1107DC3E37BDF822FC177D8C72| |BF0353348F3F5AB9F6E45EFC71AF1C35386C345C2207B5A83F7F924861E31E30F98| |239BE043708BB919A6DBC5B9C6F0079CC03633F509DC613A092146518F519CE218E| |A31069731B88DC33544FE36EA61FF15EAD73040754D22967CCF1E5D66F576D3DFC1| |6947CDEA9DADCC26AABD95846764D213497922273D91094F64CE139937A140114D4| |5FC0D74F361F239507D43A0772FF0DF3BA3CF50BB1DBAC0EF935DCFE8FDA388AE6D| |701D9A7A714B41193FAAC21FAA650A6BFF031345FD16| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. You can try flushing your dns resolver cache then relaunching the game. ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /registerdns Start game Check netgraph before and after.
  3. Appreciate the conversation folks. It’s a fire/cold corr. Feels pretty good at around 44.5 ish for melee and north of 45 for ranged. Certainly any defense debuffs will lead to cascading failures pretty quickly but it is what it is. That’s where running (I mean strategizing) comes into play.
  4. Thanks, can remedy without the need for a respec by pulling out one of 3 uniques I have in maneuvers (kismet, shield wall or reactive) and replacing with a defense/end. Unfortunately I don’t have a -tohit on this guy (fire/cold corr). Snowstorm should be a -tohit power. How can they hit me if they’re freezing cold? Anyway, thanks.
  5. Splitting hairs but I was curious if 44.5 (or even 44.51) rolled up to 45 and was effectively softcapped defense. I have a toon at 44.58 and beyond boosting everything in sight and taking T4 agility, I can’t squeeze anything else out of it. Does it really matter? No, but I guess it’s more of a status thing. Thanks, Dave
  6. fitzsimmons

    Stone Melee / ?

    SM/FA, here's my build. No consume needed, ageless helps. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1461;673;1346;HEX;| |78DA6594D96E52511486F781435B2814E804B474A05A86426951EF4DB5C5A42DA6C| |A031062B72D49030468622F7D03A7C42B6D9D6EBD738A3E8A0FE0546BE210EB848B| |F3FF62134E20DFD96BFD6B386BEF73725716DD8FCF5D3DAD8CDEB35BC57ABD70A6B| |6DDD03DB9ED46B151AA94ED4A29473E37995DE896BB80E52CE4F496D6E97CA352E6| |7D10F6457D5997EB3A9D2DE9DA4E6161BB5654AEB54A652B9DAF6ABDEEB16EB3A58| |DCD46A9BCE1B556ABBAB8AE6BF5CD52D5FD6F5D156768A95ABA945E2AEBDAC64E21| |57AC375AF9AC1A41E9222AFFA0A17835ED6A4D30652ADB05F22268E6C1272D9941E| |D1779A28CF8BE825DDFC943F0694B0AADC3709B96ADC743F6812E2FE9037D7EF099| |44D9D193C3FE06F9DC6FC97760DF7BF203E8DB074352D3C1BA8EFBB0F53F201F828| |3F7C0D81EF9081C91B86ED6EDBE865E06AF83C337C89B60F0169828883C66AAE702| |27EADA9C27902F1810C398E40D825392BC17F98DDEA4424DF298F83CF029CF6B9B6| |57B212B2FE7EDE5BCC39C7398731FFF468ACECFDEFD51C48FC7C838389920936026| |8ED851891D605F03BBD4EC8136E96B88E76388E76386E723C5F391E2F9B08B36C07| |E03EC37C23E23EC3BC27E4DD186A035434306663048FAC87E706E007C29EA513EE3| |E84FF477FC17F99BFC03469B604CA19E5FEA8DB1B731D68B1EC017FD0C6656C0966| |E827B313182FD79D57A44CE688A7B96208725F734721BD3CC9DE01E866519479C19| |5F866D6685CC81A9F3E0DC2A38213149CE3C79073566EF92BB602665B7CE9D53363| |D8DDA2A7D1BF12EB1CDD3361F813E6CB6DF73F9C9A5663A2CF31D964C87E56487E5| |5487256BB6BF13CDD5A3DE2EF4B766D22D36C38A70FADA6F7C73DFD5FE72286316D| |D1FFCB7194604BB34B76C5813F878541F87FED3513DA7323B09DF8F6101BBFB0B1D| |C4DC53| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  7. First thing that came to mind before reading the post was: "I WAS IN THE POOL! I WAS IN THE POOL!" 2 internet points for the first person to get the reference.
  8. Neat. If you need to send 50 or multiples of 50, you can convert them into transcendent merits and then convert back once sent. I just recently learned about the conversion options. I’ve now built up a healthy stash of hero merits. I digress.
  9. I’ve never been defeated so I’m not sure what a wakie is. I’ve heard legend of hospitals as well. Correction, I was defeated once. Must’ve been a bug. Filed a support ticket but have not heard back.
  10. Elec/sd or stj/bio With the elec sd, also take spring attack. That’s 3 telenukes that don’t take you out of hide. Super fun. The stj is sturdy AF. Super expensive build but virtually unkillable.
  11. Bot/traps. Slow and steady wins something or other.
  12. I think you get a pass because it's father's day. Unless you're a woman, then it's illegal to use a pun. Up to 6 months in prison and a 10,000 dollar fine.
  13. I made your mad king storm/nrg defender and it's super fun. Got used to managing end using conserve power, victory rush and unleash potential. Usually I'll change things in a build but I went with this straight up. So if it hasn't been said before, thanks for the time you put into it. This guy appreciates it. Next up is your ss/rad armor brute. Even though I already have 2 other super strength toons... I'm gonna do it.
  14. Yep, I don't need it as an opener and at the time I built this, I don't think I was really using a lot of ATOs. One of the best things about this game is there's so many ways to build and play it. The other two builds look very nice too. I typically go with stone cages, stalag, run in and thunderclap then I bring the pain! Anyway, whatever you decide to go with, enjoy it. Or put your spin on your own build. There's no wrong way to eat a Resces or build a toon. Well I guess there is. Don't stick candy up your butt and don't 6 slot brawl.
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