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  1. You can't control how anyone behaves. Are regular bats a bad idea? What about skimpy outfits? People are going to ruin everything. This is just the latest thing. Hopefully "cancel culture" doesn't fuck things up. Just ignore it. Remove the channel from the tab for the time being and move on.
  2. I have some “odd” toon names. NPC in Cimerora: Nobody can defeat Herpes! Different toon... Vanguard security: Not so fast Numbnuts, I need to see some identification. I also have a toon named Enormous Genitals and Fart monster but the above two NPC quotes come to mind.
  3. Maybe on April fool's day they'll roll back the influence changes? Better yet, cut them in half again, then return them to the new normal on April 2nd.
  4. I heard about a team that skipped the long Aeon cutscene in the STF (2nd mission, 2nd cutscene) using an exploit (I guess it's an exploit) and it worked. No spawn issues, no nothing so maybe this can be revisited to see if the same flag used in the BAF (as an example) can be used here? Thanks, Dave
  5. I used it a few months ago to track influence per hour when comparing multiple methods. Unless something has changed, it works. I don’t remember if I had to use a specific plugin, but if I did, I found the information within these forums. On the surface, seemed to be really good.
  6. Energy blast sucks. The claim that blasters aren’t survivable is wrong. It’s an investment but you can make a very survivable blaster... or any toon. Energy blast on a sent is even worse. Almost unplayable. The topic is most survivable but you’re looking for KB and not effective in many other ways. Energy blast, Forcefield defender or corruptor with personal force field and phase shift. Maybe rune of protection and hibernate as well (if defenders get hibernate). You should fight against a team size of 8 if you want to get the most enjoyment out of KBing enemies.
  7. It was against Council, same group of enemies but the toon who got hit more was actually level shifted. No defense debuffs and both toons were out of hide and still softcapped to their defenses, monitored and confirmed via combat attributes. I’ll spin up hero stats this week and dig a bit deeper. I like shield toons, mine have just been taking a beating.
  8. I haven't yet quantified this (I may run herostats to prove this out) but if I take a shield defense stalker and a bio armor stalker, the shield defense stalker gets hit more often out of hide. The shield defense toon is softcapped to all positions (ranged, melee and AOE) and the bio armor is softcapped to all types except toxic and psionic. I just stood them each in their own mob of lvl 53 council. The shield defense toon was actually level shifted and still getting hit more often. Are there more attacks that are typed only and have no positional attributes assigned to them? Or is this some other issue? Or am I just a crazy person? I get the same feeling from my shield defense brutes, they get hit hard and often even though they're softcapped to all positions. Anyway, thanks, Dave
  9. The build is one I found attached to a video Biggs put out. I don't recall if I modified it at all. I think I did, very slightly. Very expensive spinse/fire brute, high recharge, softcapped to fire. Worthwhile upgrade from my cheap version: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1569;734;1468;HEX;| |78DA65944B4F534114C7E7F6DE525AA8500AB40808945769A5B480268A86A858838| |0C1B8D0B8215547B85A0B698B91A5DFC067D8F8001F0B366E54C0C7427C2C8CD1B0| |347E011F88BA705F4FE7FC6D9BF4A6CDEFCC7FE69C39E7CCDC3B7669A8FCD1A1CB8| |3422B3B108FA55213FB93B369693B124BCF2663715DD063A37F959227C6645CCAD0| |B1193321535E9686E4599948C950D494C9B9897DE4E51A4E4CC9A44CA443FF0DC7F| |8F4749CDCA43CE35466D49C9C4A9B89C972351A95318A38E95283E1C44533659E32| |E3667ACE7570C63C1D1A9F4BD2CEB1549A36F0522E3DF47FDF21F064ACE28A2144C| |4106D57999DD79881EBCCEE1BE04DE6D3AC9BA67C2DA25F63DF30D8C75CCE2EE135| |56ED16FB596E331D77C0BBCCD6057091B9425E3A72D3BFE94A33BE833F98251BE04| |F66E926F303D565655FCD1A144A8B2C59147D741036CE49B3A939BB28055709769E| |D3ED1E321A0DD1859ABA22602FF323ED5186FCCAA63876B9099E636E390FC699AD1| |7981AE5E0645FC31964CD1B60F674827EB08BF98C5657A0DF15E8772572AB44BF3F| |514E2EF4DBB5C0BDA85A04EF31B7DE071F305B1E329F93975B1D68C6EA463DD5A8A| |71AF5D4A29E5AD4E3453D3AD553C3FB8A9A5E9C11691E689E1ACEAF96B43A6875D0| |5ED0A81E7DACDFCBF11AF680BB98DB768303E020EFE1A4788D88D78878EBD48326C| |46B5AE5B36F5E011F834F982DCBA08FE3BDA4A10FF7C6877B13003FD39276F4B6FD| |15DFD18E35F035F806EFCE5BF01DF36FB9107E8E6BF1AF5BD4BD0AE8BA62648DC66| |E437CA1611079077BB9CEED7D603FB883D9BD9319F9CA796FA13E84D85784D0870A| |D2C2D0C2D01A8CDCFB4E3F7A44A0480917299122A5AF48E92F52A259451BC92A995| |123F7AD10628050A28B710312699AF2B057E6DEF8CCA623F7E5105A379FC0EF42ED| |30199D86F855A8F979DD9FBCA669F3DC294B33CF8DB8093C97A9ABCEDB514FDEDE6| |8CBDBF3D9F5C869C997D78F3A542DCA3E5E609F28B04F16D8FF003BFAFB1E| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  10. One way to make it better is not to use energy blast 🙂
  11. I’ve never found Nightstar on that map. Only Black Swan. I’ll have to go back in and see if I can find him.
  12. Comedy is subjective and should not be put under a lens. This is the problem with cancel culture. Can people joke about aids? Cancer? Diabetes? People die from those and are still dying from those ailments. it might be “too soon” but it all remains subjective.
  13. Maybe the invite is invalid or has expired. Appreciate any help.
  14. The direct link to the update pack didn't work for me. Tries to take me somewhere in discord and says that I find myself in a strange place... and that I don't have access to any channels or there are none on the server. Certainly interested in the update. Thanks
  15. Female toons only earn 70% as much as male toons. My female toons are outraged!
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