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  1. It's fixed now. The patch or "full" restart fixed it. Got my badge, feel free to break it again.
  2. The Easter Bunny overdosed on chocolate. RIP.
  3. I just caught the behavior post reset, I had a toon parked at the event so I logged in right after the servers came back up and I saw a group of prisoners just in front of the police, they were doing some emotes. I switched to my badger and by the time I got to zone and the event, someone else was there doing the same thing and they defeated the 12 prisoners. It was 12. So now it's stuck at 12 again. So it looks like the server restart is respawning and placing the 12 there but that's it. Still server wide issue, I assume. Thanks, Dave
  4. https://discord.com/channels/@me/848052469380546570/886607025558159411 I don't think the escaped prisoner is out there. Please note that I didn't break this, it hasn't been confirmed anyone has, I just want the badge. It's not an event I'd need any help with. There's some shared resource here causing this to be an issue on all servers even though obviously the event can be run independently on different servers. Anyway, here's to hoping it gets fixed soon or eventually. Regards, Dave
  5. This is across all servers, prisoners are stuck at 12. Logged a ticket and posted to the discord. It'll be fixed eventually but eventually is the same timeframe as soon. GM Trumpet was very helpful and mentioned that they tried things from a GM perspective but aren't able to fix it and need a Dev to look at it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon or eventually, whichever comes first. Thanks, Dave
  6. Bring on the Cimerora themed fire farms.
  7. tldr; I just want Herpes back. Additional context that probably isn't needed. I had a 50 dark/fire brute named Herpes. I didn't like the combo so I rerolled him as a dark armor/rad brute. When I went to do the name swap by renaming, Herpes wasn't an allowed name. tldr; I just want Herpes back.
  8. The energy absorption power will help. Make sure your SOs are not red. Make sure you're not running sprint or have any travel power toggled on like beast run, ninja run or athletic run. Those are the things that come to mind.
  9. I tried it and finally ran a Tinpex and Sutter and the same thing happened. Windows moved. So saving and loading isn't working. Something else is going on here. Tinpex (second mission) and Sutter (a few of the missions) that inspiration tray moves 100% of the time.
  10. Yeah me too and I use it a lot, the huge -regen is pretty fantastic as well. I just never hit the scenario where I got caught up in a rez by it. I guess I'm usually in better shape when I fire it off. Stars just happened to line up and was neat to see. Now as far as being defeated, twice, I've logged a bug. I never get defeated. Hopefully I get Bug Hunter for it.
  11. Sorry if I misrepresented it. After the HT rezzed me, I was good. Lets call it an accidental strategic move. Something I'll have to work into my attack chain in order to throw off the enemies.
  12. I detach my inspiration and enhancement trays in my UI layout. Every now and again they move. Anyone else experience this and know of a fix? If they move, it’s always to the same location and I need to drag it into place and specifically for the inspirations, they move in the same missions. Tinmage mission 2 as an example. A few of the missions for Sutter. The enhancement tray sometimes moves if I zone into the base and have it open, it buggers off to the top left of the screen. Thanks, Dave
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