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  1. Not sure why but I read “finishing” as “fisting” immediately. Never mind, I know why. Regards, Dave
  2. Haven't read any significant portion of the thread but I think it'd be funny, if after rolling a 1, you do damage to yourself or a teammate. If I'm holding a pistol, sword or whatever, I could see a scenario where I'd accidentally shoot or chop myself or a teammate.
  3. The insta 50 option is no bueno. Several people aren't working their way up however. There's a handful (may be significant, may be insignificant) that sit in AE and ask for a PL in local, broadcast, LFG and tells. I'll give 'em a ride every now and again but there's certainly a bit of that going on. I had a tell the other day asking for a PL. He was lvl 45. I suggested that at 45 he run a couple of ITFs at +4 and bingo/bango, he's done. He replied with "thanks for the advice!". He then sent my other account a tell asking for a PL. I told him that the same advice applies. Why do I PL? I'm glad you asked. I enjoy making builds and also enjoy scouring the forums to look over some of the truly great builds others have made or shared. If I think I might enjoy it, 2, 2 and a half hours later, it's done. Another 30 minutes later, it's slotted. I only PL myself so as not to burden others. It also gives me complete control. Regards, Dave
  4. Multiple accounts are free and you can dual box on most computers but certainly there will be some out there who can't do it. But the multiple account thing, a non issue. You can use t1,t2 blasts while mezzed? No shit.
  5. Space Island map (may be an issue with others), when I try to place 16 custom boss groups, it saves without error but if I choose save and test, it shows this message: "A mission has too many ambush, boss, patrol or destroy details." "A mission has too many ambush, boss, patrol or destroy details." It's repeated twice in the same dialog box. If I change it to 17, the orange error shows up in the top right corner indicated that I'm over the limit. But 16 is allowed, it just won't test. If I try to republish and test instead of working locally with 16 set, I get a similar message: "Unable to publish arc: A mission has too many ambush, boss, patrol or destroy details." I tried with 15 and then adding 1 more separately (a council group to test). Same thing. Furthermore if I place 15, it will actually place a 16th on the map, just outside of my control. Thanks, Dave
  6. I joined one of your ITFs. Can confirm, I'm crazy. Regards, Dave
  7. Meh, I wouldn't fire farm in granite. You get a -dmg and -rech penalty while in granite. It's unclear to me if Glowie wants to fire farm with it. I'd recommend against it. You can but it won't be that effective. Instead, build something that can survive everything. Regarding the build, your resists are way over cap and AE enemies aren't going to debuff your resistance, If you want to have fun with a granite beating stuff up (while wearing granite) then I suggest a run speed build. I have a lot of fun with my granite/ss tank who runs 39.85 in granite (without rooted) while using the base empowerment buff. His only hole is psi but he's softcapped everywhere else as well as resistance and HP capped. Zero end issues as well. He's good for any content and just runs down mobs. Here's my build (after Bopper improved it drastically). If you like it, adapt it to work with whatever primary you want. It's one of my favorite builds. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1523;724;1448;HEX;| |78DA7D94594F135114C7EF9D4EA9538A2C15594AA194B52C2D051E8C4B080131413| |024A06FA619E14A27D6B6990E2E683026A0627CF241BF802FBEF8718C2B6E2F6E88| |DFA01EE6FCA1351A2681DFBDE77FEF39FF7BE64E676F4C065E9CB93B26646022631| |60AA905337B45D9BE73A6B3629B19418F31694626EC9542DAF4D1AC9917A426D565| |952DA8F8BC93CBAAD4B87D35678720CDAA8C2261254FE379C756D965272DEAE672B| |94C7C81A47CCE764CC7CA65ABDCD094B59C76ACECB2DF9DCDE7955AAA768733CA5C| |5276216DE583A7F3D6627CDC5E74ACC5D4AC5970947DB391BCF4D1DF3B83FEC95D9| |F4521863D42847531E0177828769ED0A38BF7B44EF23A5D46685DD210152DCC4361| |B095E96F63F6D0813D9C47F334EDC67451D30C869871AAE5455EEF4B8ED5BD065F3| |18FBC013734D7CB07F2E2E3BC5EDF57D68E7E03BF331B7F803F99CDDBCC04D53370| |36C3D2DCD816052AD983A77253E7F5F7982DF7C131DEAF51E12ADE2FAB6EF3FED63| |B4C495A35725717E9118FBA84A8E5CCDEDA6BC25DD5799D39780B5C05D7394B6283| |A953B6203A1334A47BF2D6B3EC22A2F33C522F795EC34CD2E9EAD199FA07ECBC7D1| |D5CE3BC1DAB20EA75A05E94EA35703DD9D02FDC3798006B496B42879AE0A513B593| |7BB5E169983C84DC2B5594A1679CBBFD397390B430BA175EFBBB7B5FE82DB4A1576| |DD37C83F66A742778DE9D04778DD24DED99E2F908E58D626F74931025ED2188F3C5| |70DE18EAC5507F94F676616FD7098EF59D048F83C79803A740E4FC449E7B719E5EF| |42509CF9F49EB87D60F6D00DA5BD2E2B82971681F293684D8508C632D7AD997E8DE| |A898BEFFBD16FB4AAA141A3BD22473E8002DF91F4D8736F24FC5D10356CF946B1E8| |E55409BD361943249379351B3FF7B50DCF6EFFF9E4839C8B7CC0FEE94344D5EE037| |1D98E68E04DAF90BF8555A83ECBF4B118F7CCC1E0E3F0577F81B483C8137BF7B3ED| |7C9C5B2B15936BE54369E09D23674FD0F1145DF01| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Regards, Dave
  8. The reinstatement of double influence if no XP is gained. Or the introduction of emp merit rewards past vet level 99. I would prefer the former but will accept the latter. Regards, Dave
  9. I second willpower. DB has 4 chains. Empower, weaken, sweep and attack vitals. WP lets you focus on attacking without having to worry about clicking much else. Also no end issues and might I recommend focused accuracy and physical perfection. Regards, Dave
  10. Not sure who this was in reply to, but I just use hurricane situationally. The toon is fun and a deterrent from what I normally play. I don’t farm with it, nor do I intend on trying. Just one of many in my stable of toons.
  11. I remember the super pacts, or whatever they were called where you could PL 2 at a time. Leave one toon logged off and dual box the farmer and one of the super pact toons. Had 2 accounts full of 50s and virtually unlimited influences. Even with the crazy IO costs.
  12. I run the farm cave map typically. In just over 3 runs I’m at 50. Each run takes me around 45 minutes. So that would clock me in about 2.5 hours. Doing this with a pimped out spines Fire. Tried rad melee, I found the attack chain boring. Maybe one of these times I’ll time it end to end but may have to find a better map with a better pattern. They path a lot in the cave map.
  13. Bah, thanks for the information.
  14. I tried powerboost and then fade... and then fade and powerboost. Neither worked. They both reflected the base 9.38% defense number provided by an unslotted fade. Nothing more. Does powerboost not affect fade? Thanks, Dave
  15. I love my fire/earth and I'm about to make a dark/dark/soul troller (I know it's not a Dom). However I am considering a mind/nrg dom as well. I think I had one back on live. Fire/psi or Ice/psi doms are pretty good too but I'd have to say my fire/earth is my favorite.
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