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Incarna interface slots reactive damage proc does not work.


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I am a mastermind, i have total radial conversion slotted for my interface incarna slot, it is an reactive ability. It is supposed to give ALL my abilities doing damage and ones that my pets use to start an fire damage over time effect on enemies.

I tested this, very... very.. very rarely i got a proc happening, according to pet damage window it NEVER ticked more than once. I know on live or when game 'works' its supposed to tick four times.

Problem is this, with my necromancer/dark miasma at least whole reactive incarna dosnt seem to be working at all. AOE that my pets hit enemies with, dosnt seem to proc ever. It rarely, maybe once in twenty or fifty times it kicks in for one tick, where it is supposed to happen 75 percent on every attack that happens.

At current build/patch you guys are running, there is something very wrong with how the incarna reactive damage proc works.


What are the experiences from other players? Do your combat log show other interface slot damages to work?

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