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[SFMA] Spells as a Service - MA 53149


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When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics, and uses what she's discovered to write a sorcerous computer program, all hell breaks loose, and the Midnighter Club needs someone to investigate. 


Level Range: Low 30's, lower-level characters may find the content challenging even if level-adjusted.

Enemy Groups: Crey, Family, Sky Raiders, Carnival of Shadows, Tsoo, Circle of Thorns

Focus: Hero/Vigilante

Keywords: SFMA, Magic, Sci-Fi, Mystery


Contains 1 stock Boss (no EB's), but last mission is an "escape" with ambushes and patrols on the way out. 

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AE ARC's (So Far!)


15252 Child of the Tsoo - [SFMA] Ninjas, sorcerers, and human trafficking (Origin Story - Stick Figure/Storm Lotus)

50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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