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Only one enhancement gifted during Outbreak


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GM Crumpet suggested I post this here.


A week or so ago I completed Outbreak tutorial just to easily get the Isolator badge. Before getting Coyote as a contact, you normally receive two free enhancements - Initiate something-or-other. I rarely slot them, but I noted that my character only received one this time around.


I was playing an Illusion/Martial Magic-origin Dominator.


Might be a bug, but obviously low priority?


I'm not looking for a replacement haha.


FYI wonderful Devs and thanks for all you do.

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Ran Outbreak again. Only one Talisman of the Initiate. This time on an Invuln/TW Tanker.


Edit: After dinging level 2 I had received one. Chatting with the contact "Sergeant Hicks" I received the second one.



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