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'Protect Any Item'


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In the mission 'Stop the Destruction' from Jake Kim or Wilma Peterson, the mission objective is "Defeat all Freaks, protect any item", where there are three artifacts that the Freakshow are trying to destroy, and you have to save at least one. Unfortunately, the mission as it is scripted is flawed. As you progress into the mission map, you encounter the artifact cases and the Freakshow attacking them. Defeat the attackers standing near a case, and several waves of Freakshow spawn to attack the case which you have to defeat before the item is 'saved'. The problem is that as you progress deeper into the mission, the Freakshow vandals spawn near the entrance -- which means that they'll encounter the items you 'saved' previously and stop to attack them rather than the one you just cleared the attackers from, which forces you to run back to the front of the mission to stop the vandal spawns before they destroy the items you'd already 'saved'.


If each item despawned when you 'saved' it (or became neutral and unattackable), then the spawning vandals wouldn't get distracted by the previous items and would come running to the ones deeper in the mission, instead of you standing around waiting for vandals that never show, or rushing back to the entrance..

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