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Naming a Gravity Alt and What secondary would you go with ???


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First off, this is not a gravity build.  I'm looking for naming ideas, and a secondary to go with it, pretty much what the title says ???

I have tried both Star Trek and Jedi names and builds.  I was thinking something like Magneto from the X-men comics.  So i'lll probably be going mutant.  I also need some costume ideas ???  I really could use your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks in advance.

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Uhm. Even if you got some fancy Star Strek or Star Wars name, you would probably get it Generic'd (a name change to something like Generic12398) after playing for awhile.



As far as secondary goes... I enjoyed my Gravity/Ice Dominator because he fit my character's stardust forge-mastery well. For Dominators in general, /Dark and /Psi always seem like solid choices.

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