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  1. Nayeh

    Water/? Duo

    Water, Sonic, Radiation, Darkness (Soil Noir), and Psychic Blasts make really good bases for Water-themed characters when using Blue-Green-White colorization. If you're looking for some content that has the tools you'll need for AV-slaying, I would suggest Poison, Radiation, or Cold as your secondary. You may want to consider playing Defenders because the Support lines are more crucial for what you have in mind.
  2. Absolutely love almost everything about Darkness Affinity. The conditional Heal/Resurrection/Buff effects are something you don't quite see in other games. Howling Twilight stands as my favorite and most memorable ability in City of Heroes. The only ability I dislike is Blackhole. Not every line has to be perfect with highly valuable tools. If I had to propose a change for this ability, Detention Shield from Force Fields, and Sonic Cage from Sonic Resonance would each be changed into Toggles so they could be optionally toggled off rather than waiting on the full duration of intangibility each cast. As alternate proposal for Blackhole would be to make it function like like a deployable vacuum that would draw monsters inward toward the center.
  3. You position yourself within the concentration of monsters no matter what your secondary is as a Poison/ Defender because keeping the Venemous Gas and Poison Traps applied is your most important task. Poison/Sonic works great! - Signed, Whale (Everlasting) - Veteran Level 27 Poison/Sonic Defender.
  4. Martial Arts. Use the Alternative power customization for a less kicky and more punchy set.
  5. Have fun trying to maximize the range on Teleport Foe or assist through a Friend. Oh wait, you won't be able to. As you still ignore the fact that clip range exists. Enemies cannot remain targeted for more than X units (Varying about 100 units) without player assisting. This is not complication. This is understanding the limitations of certain mechanics (Assisting, Ability Range, Clip-Range) and interactions.
  6. Yes but how do you distinguish between targeting via assisting an ally or teleporting foe? You wouldn't be able to target through a teammate to pull with Teleport Foe because Teleport Ally would be priority. What if you wanted the reverse and pulled the foe instead of bringing your ally? Additionally, assisting through an ally allows us to target foes we normally wouldn't be able to target outside of clipping range or visual distance. It doesn't make sense to combine Teleport Ally and Teleport Foe into 1 combined Power. Now, if the power were changed to something like "Gateway Charge" buff as 1 Power and gave you the choice of two Temporary Popup Tray powers Teleport Friend and Teleport Foe, that is how it would have to be done in order to make the power work as training into 1 Power. (Like how Sorcery Mystic Flight gives you the Teleport upon activation).
  7. I have never used Battle Axe but I can say War Mace is extremely satisfying to play. I don't really have anything negative to say about it besides it being a tad endurance heavy.
  8. You can pull this look off with Hood, combining Detail 1 and 2 face accessories, and even using a face (such as one of the Clockworks or Metallic for a Metal feel) to completely assemble a Helmet kinda effect.
  9. There was a statement awhile back about it. You can't have Covid-19 related names. Besides, we're all sick of talking about it so leave it out of the game.
  10. I propose having a deployable portal from point A to Point B on the map your teammates could use. Ex) Place a portal at the entrance of a map. Place another at the end of the map as the link. The link could last X Minutes before expiring. Escort mission: Piece of cake! To comment on Recall Foe across maps, that would not be possible outside of clip-range because you drop target. If the Teleport had the option of Friendly or Foe and you are trying to assist a player how could you distinguish between the two options in 1 ability? In it's current state you could possible assist a team-mate and use Teleport Foe because it's not intended to pull a player at all.
  11. I propose having the Rooted Toggle merely suppress on movement because of how jarring it is navigating around in a game where most content is fast-paced now. Isn't that how Super Speed works in terms of Threat radius when moving?
  12. I think the default animation is hilarious. It's like your hand generated a disgusting level of vibration and sends them flying. I'd propose an underhand slap like Spectral Wounds
  13. I picked up Spectral on my Warshade for the similar reasons you presented and to keep disoriented/feared monsters from wandering too far. Unfortunately, NOT ONCE, did this Immobilize Proc. I think it's broken, Cutter. 😞
  14. I have a Jedi/Sith toon that uses Electricity and Katana with Force Epic. It's a Blapper... not very enjoyable to play beyond giggles.
  15. By no means is it a final Human-Warshade build. It's just something I managed to throw together over time. - Global Recharge - 168.75% - Alpha - Spiritual Radial Paragon I can consistently keep Hasten, Eclipse, and Sunless Mire permanent with 2.5 fluffy pets. I only seem to struggle on boss targets when I have no bodies around as previous posters mentioned.
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