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  1. This is an interesting note because I never receive Impact damage when my Singularity is the one that casted the Hold.
  2. If anything. a Vacuum effect would be fun and OP. Imagine you're Darth Vader choking your opponent and hovering him toward you as he snags a few friends on the way.
  3. And color tintability and option of a lava and crystal form...
  4. I was reading the comments about "Burn" having a fear component. Why is that? I guess ONLY the Brute/Tank variant doesn't have it?
  5. I've noticed this too. Prior to the last few days the transparency of "Stealth" was not as invisible as it appeared in the screenshot. It also had a slight glowing color-tintable aura. It's been kinda gamebreaking because you can no longer visually differentiate between Stealth and Invisible and you can't see your character...
  6. Get more complaints about using Fade on a MSR than anything else. 🤣
  7. Nayeh

    Staff & Dark

    I haven't considered those two. Thanks for that.
  8. Can confirm. It keeps changing between "Spit" and "Throw" animations. I feel like the activation time is now longer than what it states, there also appears to be a delay from character movement and the substance projectile.
  9. Nayeh

    Staff & Dark

    I'm just sharing thoughts. Feel free to discuss. So I just reached 50 and I really enjoy this Scrapper combination. However, I'm not exactly geared up and I'm not very adept at building sets as I really dislike how clicky Mid's builder is with it's lack of automation options. I'll probably end up mirroring another /Dark build from around here. Darkness is Endurance heavy! This is probably the most exhausting Hero I have ever played. Between the Dark Armor toggles, Fighting pool toggles, and Dark Regeneration (a whopping 33 endurance base cost) and Travels my Endurance was always wavering. Throughout much of my adventures I left Fighting Toggles off because I couldn't afford them even when using Form of the Soul and Sky Splitter. Hopefully slotting will radically change this. I have yet to try any other Staff form other than Form of the Soul due to my Endurance struggles so far. Cloak of Fear and Oppressive Gloom They're both amazing. I admire the almost non-existent Endurance cost on Oppressive Gloom however minions wandering off in disorient is a little counter-productive in a Staff Fighting set with 2-3 AoE attacks. Cloak of Fear has been absolutely amazing with a really neat animation and I have been considering how effective -ToHit and Fear Procs/Sets would perform on this toggle? Is having both Cloak of Fear and Oppressive Gloom really that beneficial? I feel like Oppressive Gloom overwrites fear as a harder form of CC since it doesn't work like the Mesmerize aspect of Fear. Dark Regeneration This power, despite it's enormous Endurance cost sold me. Only 2-3 hits and I'm almost always blasted with 100% Health. Darkness Customization: Minimal FX Thankfully this was an option. I would not be playing if I had to be a great ball of darkness with constant white noise playing. Getting Knocked down... I nearly wanted to break my keyboard after doing a Story Arc with Devouring Earth. Every minions slapped me to the ground and ultimately that caused most of my deaths whilst incapacitated. Only recently have I slotted Blessing of the Zephyr: KB Protection but I have yet to observe results on effectiveness. I should have spared myself the heartache and picked up Acrobatics while leveling. Staff Fighting They are long animations. I absolutely hate how obnoxious Serpent's Reach and Innocuous Strikes are. How essential are they to a build? I feel as though they ruin combinations to take advantage of Eye of the Storm and Sky Splitter buildups and consider taking up Precise Strike in placement of one of them. Serpent's Reach can be a neat finishing move but for how long it takes to whirl the staff for a single target blow, I feel the effects are lackluster. If Serpent's Reach was at least a narrow cone attack I could see this as a very viable attack. Innocuous Blows makes me cringe. I hate this toe-stubbing move so much for how stupid it looks. I recall mentioning this on a team when I first acquired the skill and a team member shared thoughts and mentioned they picked up Hover so it looks like they're eye-gouging instead. Epics (Energy or Weapon) or Patron... I enjoyed the Energy Buffs on my Brute but I wanted to try something more flavorful. I went with Weapon Mastery and really enjoy hurling Shurikens that even kinda flows with my character's theme. Caltrops is a really sweet skill but it disperses monsters which again leads to counter-productivity as a Staff wielder Scrapper and will for sure be replaced with Web Grenade. Targeting Drone looks amazin' but that Endurance cost though... As for the Patrons, none of them really appealed to me. Any input or wisdom to share beyond "Get a build, bruh" ? Perhaps this post could provide others with insight.
  10. I used to play other games at a pretty competitive level and carried certain expectations of players and even provided coaching. Over time I chilled out and simply let people play however they please. The only thing that irks me is how quick players are to suggest an active support line such as Kinetics. It's astonishing how often I run into a Kinetic and begrudgingly avoid asking for Speed Boost refreshment despite constantly running out of endurance or having to manage endurance while knowing this buff alone would alleviate those issues all together. I would say 1/3 of the time I have a Kinetic that does not actively provide Speed Boost or useful Transference/Transfusions. I never say anything to them. I just mentally countdown the time that elapses until I get the buff. I get it. Kinetics is amazing. Stop throwing it out there as the "best" secondary Controller line for newer players that aren't accustomed to that.
  11. I use Interruption Reduction on Teleport Ally and Aid Self. It's been quite noticeable having it in Teleports when I'm trying to speed up a mission.
  12. This thread is silly. Knockback has practical use in terms of both displacement and an airborne stun-CC. There are plenty of Controllers and Dominators out there that are happy to drop Immobilize on a group that anchors the enemies to the ground and completely prevents displacement. Rarely have I encountered situations where Knockback did not work in a team's favor. If you want content where monsters are conveniently grouped together and don't roam I suggest sticking to AE in the bumper lane.
  13. Ah yes, a slow projectile tool with laughable values to counter slows and damage is very efficient in the heat of a battle. Better off resting after a fight than waiting on me to hurl 8 Alkaloids. I don't hate the line, in fact I really enjoy playing the poison line. The line could use some adjustments because as it stands, it just feels under performing.
  14. After getting a Sonic/Poison Corrupter to 38, I imagined having a "splash" AoE on Alkaloid and Antidote would dramatically change this line to not feel so gimpy. The Debuff aspects are already "spit and splash" effects that wouldn't be too far off in alignment to the said proposal. Having to deal with Alkaloid's slow animation for a pathetic heal isn't very rewarding at all. At least extending the heal to be a small radius on the target would make it feel more worthwhile. I also somehow thought Antidote would work like "Injection" from the Medicine line where it would have a Negative or Positive effect depending on the target. Unfortunately, it's just a long animation Clear Mind.
  15. Yes. I love that and them fat 800+ Twilight Grasp heals on each person near me.
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