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  1. Using the Dark Variant on both Burn and the Damage-Pulse Toggle drastically helped me for Fire Armor visibility. It's still bad but it's bearable.
  2. Admiral Sutter: Varying difficulty, several enemy types, cut-scenes, and unique combat mechanics. This is probably my favorite Task Force. Synapse, Katie Hannon, Lady Grey, Virgil Tarakoss: Each of these TF's can influence the outside gameworld to trigger some kind of event (an invasion, spawn a monster, maybe temporarily open a portal to a unique zone, some kind of event that doesn't necessarily have to be destructive). I would like to see more TF's that give the opportunity for more community-oriented content. Multiple objectives within a mission alongside environment
  3. I am a pretty bad offender of posting them making edits myself. So I try to proof-read, occasionally typing up in an outside WordDoc first. However, I do still feel the edits should still be marked because in some cases someone has already viewed the message and is typing out a response. Removing the context point without leaving erasure marks could make a responder look confused/bad.
  4. They could just have a public list available to refer to for text-input. These would be pre-approved titles that would work similar to how a bad-word list would, but for titles. This list could easily be maintained and updated without having to actively watch for violations. I've been dying for more titles myself, especially edgier ones like 1337 from Technology(or was it science origins?)
  5. I'd be for lifting the secondary level intervals to move along the same pathway as your primary. This way you could choose between your secondary's first two powers and be allowed to select your final power at 32 instead of 38. Doing so would allow players to access their Epic pools at the 35/38/41 level ranges instead of putting it off into the 40's in most builds, locked away from most content.
  6. I would suggest the either of the following: - Add an unenhanceable Resistance to "Debuff Regeneration" somewhere on an active ability that can be stacked if it recharges fast enough (Similar to how Healing Flames can get you more Toxic Resistance if stacked). Perhaps expand and cover more Debuff resistances since, after all, you specialize in quick recovery. - A Healing Bonus passive that increases the amount of Healing you receive from outside resources (other players). - Add a Passive ability, call it something like "Second Chance", where your Health cann
  7. Then back up your statement with evidence that suggest this is unintended behavior. Otherwise, feel free to flood the Bug forums with bogus reports.
  8. You seem to be under the impression that Resurrection and a Heal are two completely different things within the game's world. They are both heals, one of which has a defeated ally condition to it. Where do you get your facts from saying it shouldn't resurrect? Where is your proof? Hazy memories? Why you are advocating for a change? You'd rather use strategic Awaken inspirations?
  9. It's a projectile. You have to wait for it to both hit the target and then return to the caster. I really don't perceive this as a bug but more so a quirky feature of how delayed effects can be tacticool.
  10. Does Hover and Mystic Flight stack though?
  11. It's okay, any archetype can be played poorly enough to need a crutch like Fold Space. An effective tanker could easily herd monsters using the map terrain to funnel mobs into shape.
  12. Fold space is such a me-me power with little practical value in teamplay since mobs die so quickly thanks to all the power creep in CoH today. I think it's gross how fast the animation is compared to Wormhole while also partially diminishing the novelty of Wormhole itself. The Warshade variant however, is pretty radical since it sort of matches the archetype thematically. Elements in their kit also requires bodies up close all combined with a badass animation.
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