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  1. Yes. I love that and them fat 800+ Twilight Grasp heals on each person near me.
  2. If you engage before other players then that is the case. If there is already an engagement then there is the option of extra CC damage diffusement from the knockdowns. Phantom Army is immune to damage and buffs effects. Do they even receive their own Procs like Soulbound?
  3. Illusion/Dark Controller - Incredibly happy with this combination itself. I slotted Overwhelming Force (Chance for KnockDown) into Phantom Army and never looked back. Each pet runs their own Proc cycles, and I'm constantly seeing knockdowns. They're bullies now! Dark Servant is a pet bloated with Proc potential but I decided to throw on him "Touch of the Nictus" to get that extra edge of damage when the heals he occasionally throws out. I'm content with it. I placed Superior Will of the Controller on Spectral Terror to also add damage to a pet that seemed to lack in damage. It appears to proc upon being summoned/and/or casting. With the short cool-down of this pet I find myself constantly summoning it to help aid in damage. At one point I slotted the Fear disorient and some other damage proc. Ultimately I turned to slotted more Superior Will set for the bonuses because I wanted to get Phantom Army's recharge on point. For Incarnates I have both Cognitive and Diamagnetic Interface Procs. I couldn't really deduce how much chaos the confusion Procs were causing but I have seen them. I slotted the -Regen one later to see if I could solo any GM's. Turns out I can solo Lusca Tentacles and other small GM's but it's just not worth the time.
  4. Ideally I would want Black Hole to function as a Toggle. You use it and then your team wants to penalize you while they wait out the full duration to attack. Not to mention the effects are not very noticeable like Dimension Shift.
  5. I have found that Ice/Kinetic has the advantage of bypassing (more so ignoring) "AGGRO" and "Maximum Target" cap using rains. For instance, you could focus on the immediate crowd you're dealing with while additionally drop a Blizzard on a distant crowd. I imagine for a Fire/Kinetic you need to place yourself inside each group and deal with them as you move along whereas I'm dropping 2 groups at a time. A cycle for me would consist of: Drop a Blizzard on distant concentration of enemies. Move toward a separate concentration. Drop Ice Storm, Kinetics, Ions, Soul Drain and Single-Target Damages. Once Blizzard recharges, drop it on another distant crowd. Rinse. Repeat. The greatest aspect of all is that having Two rains frees of time to perform other necessary actions instead of spamming Fire Ball.
  6. I noticed a few of those put focus on Self-sufficiency by taking lines from other pools together and creating an entirely new Hybrid pools. Though they do propose fun concepts, I see a deviation toward Self-targeted abilities which are not in line with a Support role. With Power Sets already completely fleshed out, less resources could be dedicated toward developing such a role. The idea behind matching an entirely Defensive poolset with a Weaponry poolset brings the user to the decision during encounters and building their characters. Do I want to build more toward fortifying my team or toward damage? bulwark [ bool-werk, -wawrk, buhl- ] noun fortification, support Inherit Ability: "(Positive/Negative) Reinforcement" The balance between choosing to be more Offensive (Weaponry) or more Defensive (Support). As a player continues to invest into one side, their abilities will enhance in that direction while the other falters. As battles ensue many players may find themselves within a happy medium. For anyone that has played "SMITE", this is basically Hel's passive meter. Ex) As you spend more time wracking up damage, you will deal enhanced damage so long as you neglect to use Defensive abilities. Invest more into Defensive action, your (Heals/Buffs/Debuffs) will enhance in value and your Offensive action will deplete with each usage.
  7. After years of avid gaming, I have often found myself gravitating toward characters that fall under a Support category. The Support role shines where they can grant their team Buffs, Heals, and Debuffs necessary to secure victory. It's not about quick kills, it's about outlasting and adjusting to incoming assault. City of Heroes carries the roles of Defender, Controller, and Dominator that have the ideal Support lines I am referring to. These three archetypes all have something in common - They're all ranged roles. Where is the character that has been usually refereed to as something like a Paladin in other games? Yes, I am referring to a Melee variant to join frontlines. Unlike the Caster perspectives playing safe in position. Unlike the Tanks, Scrappers, Brutes, and Assassins. The Bulwark role will enhance combat whilst standing in the heat of battle. The damage may be sub-par, but that is the trade-off for being the Team-oriented Melee Support. Primary Lines: Cold Domination Dark Miasma Empathy Force Field Kinetics Nature Affinity Pain Domination Poison Radiation Emission Sonic Resonance Storm Summoning Thermal Radiation Time Manipulation Traps Trick Arrow Secondary Lines: Battle Axe Broad Sword Claws Dark Melee Dual Blades Electrical Melee Energy Melee Fiery Melee Ice Melee Katana Kinetic Melee Martial Arts Psionic Melee Radiation Melee Savage Melee Spines Staff Fighting Stone Melee Street Justice Super Strength Titan Weapons War Mace As you see, the lines don't offer very much for the user of the Archetype themselves in terms of the Defense. It's not an expert in combat, nor is it an expert in tanking itself. The Bulwark could potentially provide a bridge between Supporting your team and bashing skulls in. Let us build the Robin Hood Trick Arrow and Dual Blades Bulwark. Perhaps a thunderous Kinetic and Katana Shinobi. Let us make our Empathy and War Mace Paladins!
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