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Beast Mastery Dire Wolf damage enhancement bug


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I have musculature slotted, and the Dire Wolf's damage should be over 100% even after diminishing returns in this instance. My regular wolves are reporting damage bonus correctly at well over 100%.


Not sure if the issue is with the Dire Wolf itself (seems like it's the wolf itself though) or the Mark of Supremacy/Edict of the Master IOs but it appears to instead be splitting the IO and incarnate damage bonus between damage and resist damage. Slotted are Superior Mark of Supremacy Acc/Dam/End, Superior Mark of Supremacy Dam, Edict of the Master Acc/Dam, Edict of the Master Defense aura, Call to Arms Defense aura, and Ice Mistral's Torment Cold proc. (Total before alpha and diminishing returns should be 106%, or 139% with my current alpha.)


Removing the musculature alpha doesn't seem to fix it either, the damage from the IOs is still split.


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