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  1. I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics happening behind the scenes, but it sure is annoying for my other beast mastery masterminds. Just wanted to make sure it gets looked into eventually. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this.
  2. The thing is that its not just visual for the direwolf. Its 2 base powers chilling howl, and vicious bite are indeed only being enhanced by what is displayed, as per my post here. Which makes me quite sad, because I love beast mastery. As far as getting it fixed, I'm not sure its a priority. I made this post in early January and haven't heard or seen anything about it. Granted it doesn't matter as much on my /Kin but it certainly would help my other Beast Masterminds. That being said, I still love the devs. ❤️
  3. Just bumping for visibility, it seems to still be going on.
  4. Has any one else noticed this bug with their tier 3 pets, or is it just beast mastery dire wolf?
  5. Just took a quick look, and you can drop 1 slot out of hasten, and make the 2 50+5 IOs to achieve the same recharge, you can drop 1 slot out of life giving spores, because the 6% heal bonus isn't really worth it, imo. The Touch of lady gray proc in direwolf should be swapped to Summon wolves, because 2 of their attacks proc it nearly every hit, whilst only 1 of dire wolfs attacks has a chance to proc it, so just swap it for the resistance bonus one in summon wolves. I would swap the slotting for combat jumping, and vengeance, just to get more personal defense. Super jump can take the Knock back protection IO "Blessing of the Zephyr", for a total of 8 instead of 4. You could drop 1 slot from vengeance, and take the gained slots and put them into sprint, and prestige sprint, slotting both with Celerity for the now missing s/l/mez resists. Maybe try to find a away to switch some enhancements for Wolves, as they are lower level and need additional accuracy. They are also little proc monsters when it comes to the defense debuff procs. because of 2 of their attacks having that debuff, and they often proc both during 1 attack. Just food for thought. Edit *The Miracle proc in Wild growth should be fine, as to my knowledge it auto fires, and lasts 2 minutes, which is more than enough if you're using the power on cooldown.* Love my doggos, Beast mastery is a fun set. That is all I can see at a quick glance. Cheers!
  6. Just finished up leveling a Beast Kinetic mastermind, and I noticed a bug with enhancements increasing the incorrect attributes. I slotted my direwolf with SMoS, for 26.5% damage, SBA for 26.5% damage, and SBA for 53%. After diminishing returns this should work out to somewhere around 96% increased damage to its abilities. How ever, when I hover over the power in my enhancement screen it shows +62.9% damage, and +62.9% resist Damage. I thought that maybe this was a visual bug, how ever, when I compared its vicious bite damage to that of the lioness, it is indeed of a much lower value. Where as my lioness does show it has the full 96.1% damage enhanced. The lioness does get a better 5 second cooldown version of the power, so that might be why its values are that much higher. So I checked the wolves who have the same base recharge, and base damages of 21.02, and 3 seconds recharge on their vicious bite, and it shows the values of, 38.09 Lethal damage, with an enhanced damage of 81.2%. Where as the direwolf has damage of 49.46 Lethal damage, with an enhanced damage of either 96%, or according to my enhancement window, 62.9% enhanced damage. (double checked, and the direwolf version of vicious bite has a base value of 30.36, which means the damage of 49.46 is indeed being enhanced with 62.9% and not the intended 96%) Mids shows the direwolf power Terrible Howl as having a base cold damage of 37.54, and my direwolf has the power at doing 54.22 cold damage. if the base of 37.54 is multiplied by 62.9% it should be at 61.15 damage, and if its multiplied by 96% it should be at 73.58 damage. Neither of these are what its actually at. It could be that the base damage for these powers for the direwolf in mids is off, but after checking the math for both Lionness, and Wolves, the base damage in mids is correct. After further checking on the test server, it appears that Tame, and train beasts do not include the enhanced damage of your pets into the values that they show the powers doing. So who really knows if those are being enhanced properly. How ever, I do see that my direwolf is still using only 62.9% enhanced damage with vicious bite, even though it is enhanced to 96%. (Edit, the base value for Chilling Howl is 39.46 cold damage, and 3.06 cold damage DoT, and Vicious bite is 30.36 lethal damage, and 3.61 lethal DoT. These values are According to a fresh 50 MM on the test server. the Direwolf on my live MM is showing 49.46 lethal, and 5.89 Lethal DoT, which is 30.36 enhanced by 62.9%, and not 96% as it should be. Chilling Howl is at 64.27 which is enhanced by 62.9%, and not the 96% that it should be.) So I guess what it comes down to, is for what ever reason the game is pulling 95.9% enhanced damage, and splitting it into enhanced damage and damage resist, when it shouldn't be.
  7. I cannibalized another build I found on the web (I'm sorry to whom ever it was, I don't know where I got it). Managed to make it soft cap s/m/e not using incarnates, leaving you open to use what ever alpha slot. When running Repel you should get enough procs of forced feedback to keep Fortify pack to perma (minus the time needed to make new stacks). Ended up taking Increase density at the end to help with Knock back.. I don't know. Idea is that your pets will always be capped damage wise, so the loss of critical hits isn't such a big loss. Pets are soft capped with roughly 8 stacks converted to fortify. I don't know how to help your build, as it doesn't quite fit with the tankiness that I prefer to build into mine. Hope this helps you a little bit, anyway. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1609&c=764&a=1528&f=HEX&dc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
  8. Thanks for the feedback everybody. I ended up switching a few things around, ended up with a little less recharge, a tiny bit more Ranged defense and End Rec. Also swapped for 2 slots into Power Sink. Hopefully with this the end issues will be solved (with out requiring incarnates.) http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1534&c=732&a=1464&f=HEX&dc=78DA65944B4C136110C7BFEDEEB65D5AA0082D2DCF9657B1C0DA029E8C31410A41C0A0245E9BA62C6593D2925212397A303EA246BD7811A39E448D0779E9C9C4473C79F7E0CDA3F191A80989873ADDFF409B74D3E6F77D33F39F996FFA6D672F8EBB5F4C5E3A25A4BAD399E4EA6A62DC5834B20B465E9D4DA6CD94A0479B2FE4F2CBC1A994E1A05DFB4140626C6D7151B77C89F9B5E5E55CD6CCA60387DEF3C96CDA58D0499518A3C405E19ACBE532FA44C64C2F156AB12E2D49E4B6763346728536F5071B4AB2BA64AEF8E32B664A8F678C54216FA6CCC27A6296B219F9753F353340DF6B36C14F51125F1521628AB05DB6597C53F6D944143EFF28D832025EA71889F5529C5661D24F811A9D58B69C4559F64A56BCB25F9A0251912CD638C11B944745ACAA46106B678DFBB76CB16E1AF4EBB0879AC09BA475A007C521C9563EB70AD6D9418F0C8614F02D69346884B689F3DE22B8D8E6E219B828712DDB6ABFC0F68E50CFF5EA9F630E9E27E0914DE653B0E919CF94F234709E06CEFD9ED0089BDA789CE31DAA455F0C7BDF3038E4847DC80ECA94CFCBB3F57660DE2D21B0AD8B398C792914DBCCB1CD1ECCACA391C933ECE059DFA69E02E8490EF07D087E42BF419E659067E9A3BCADC86B6B657D4841ED6E27D84031ED5CBB9D6BF7704C0F6B7A38F60E95E9E479746E08CBD7F790F9080C734F619EE1E063D83FD0B68BB55D7B3877F72EF325D8B70586B7C1D80EF891B4BDACEDDD46FEA33BCC5DE61E1879C57C0DDEA714FD7CFFFB4FA2A7C80970837C037CF6813FA55A9A18FCCBDC47EDA166DCFF6F6E2174BE53FA38F4C7269913CC38189B021F508AA8F5F615A5E8D5D26522DF15B04D397C77E9438F885459A25596589565A4CA325A6599A9B468E8ED6CD9569C530EFF238414C4EFA579E8BF81FDDF6BC82FB1BF1BFE9F659B4D0A6156F60BB82FCE33B82F3F2A75FDD0FDAAD4712DE75DF454730F0C34111053FC4C2F608CFBD8AA589FF39663A623E5B3FCF39563FE03C020E570
  9. Hey there folks! First real try at a defender build, and I've always loved the idea of Storm. Now I do realize that this build doesn't have a ton of damage, but it does have lots of slows, knockdowns, and holds. I've managed to cap M/R/AoE defenses, and got some very good resists squeezed out of it. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for takings a look. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1579&c=733&a=1466&f=HEX&dc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
  10. So I made this build, not sure how fantastic it is, but everything should be REALLY slow (and falling over, hopefully). ITs fairly tanky with 45+ m/r/aoe 37.6 psi defenses, and 75 S/L 65 Energy 55 fire and cold resists. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1579&c=735&a=1470&f=HEX&dc=78DA8D944B4C136110C7BF7D14BAB44091B6B43C5B1E82056A17301E3C9820C520605012AF4D5396B249694929891C3D78F019F5E2055F3751E3415E7A3251A3276F6A3878F368441335217AA8D3FD0FB4492F6EDAFCBE6F66FE33B3B3DFEEE4F911E7D393178E0BA9E6442ABEB8181B31668DF48C91B54DC6936642D0A54DE732D9F9C058C2A8A45DCB5E406C786976366CF962D34BF3F399B4994EFAF7BD67E3E9A4311326556C9812E784632A934985475366722E578D75614922A7B59B30E20BB4A9DDDB5092C53973C1175D3013E168CA48E4B266C2CC2DC726299B915DF6513343F4BF240BBEF292F8A20AA1AB42BE285B7C59F4C922029F6F086C1C042F538CC47A294AAB6ED28F811ADDB16239F38AE291AC7875B73005A22A59ACB28357298F0DB1365B08B115AC71FE542CD68C83BE1D30E886FF1A692BD183AD5252AC7C4E1B5823832E050CAAA05E01BE22AD06ADD05671DFD7090EB6398E1248E3A002D56CABFE8CB8D7845AD8D4DA31D85C51F0C0287304749F0465CA53C779EA78CE6F08F5B029F547305777A3B0E8D5B1F70E800AE93D3C534F2BE6DC18049BDB9903988F4AB10D1CDBE0C2AC5AEB993CBB569EF10DEAC1CF3DF8F91C04DEA3BF00CF2AC033F452DE26E4959B581F5451BBC30ED6514C0BD76EE1DA9D1CD3C99A4E8EBD4965DAF8F9B56DA1F7839BCC67CC35B07B9DB901BE256D3B3F83F627E8BBE3217315EC7E04EA8FC177A4E9E27A5DEBB01DDA606E32B7C0D073E60B7085CAF670BD9E07ECBB0FF6DD03FBEF3257C03BA4E9E559F4FE2AF4AD89BEDFCC5DDC477F03DE83AF4E21C29C3FFC41B66C873F323F31B741FD0F9ECF154284CF54E418CE6BB3BAFFEED28F2E112AB344CA2C7A9965B0CC3254669928B568E8E974D1969F52F7BF11420AE05C6B2EFA36B0FF5B15F925F677C0FFBD6893A5206654710EE7C67E0AE766A754D703DD8F521DD7B2DF424F55B7C142D379BF9BD608CC6FD3DBA773336B25EB339E62CC78A87843FF7BFDF516F5FF00B6211478
  11. Hey there folks, just wading into the world of masterminds and I was testing this build out on the test server. So far, I can reliably take on +3/8 S/L farm maps, but +4 was a bit too much. My basic idea was to be somewhat of a tankermind and take the first hit whilst debuffing with darkest night. Spam fearsome stare when ever its up, and make sure to always keep tar pit on cool cool. Just wondering if anybody has any advice. Thanks! http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1536&c=709&a=1418&f=HEX&dc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
  12. Thanks for the replies everybody, I guess I didn't find the specifics via google, you helped clear it up!
  13. Hey there folks! I just started my first Arachnos, a Fortunata Widow. How ever, one thing I've noticed is that their inherent power, "conditioning' doesn't actually do anything. I guess I was wondering if this is a bug, or not. I have the power on my tray so to speak, but when you check your actually stats, you don't receive any extra regeneration, nor recovery.
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