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Hello Looking for two things?


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        I am someone who pvp's from time to time. I am looking for some more pvpers to play with.


I play both sides. 



               I play a-lot on red, especially right now. I'm looking for some other villains or rogues to team with from time to time (especially on strikeforces)


but I am on Reunion server. If you have any toons on Reunion and want to level them up on red side especially just let me know.


My main hero is Tizar.

my main villain is Zappras.


I also go at my own pace. All of the content I am doing now on my mains is new to me. I never got to the levels I am at with both toons during live.


So I like stories and I take my time. If you are looking for a partner that wants to rush through content I don't think I am that guy.


If interested just let me know. I am a U.S. player on a European server.


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