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The next alt, part of altitis


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Controller will be more 'difficult' to solo and level since you are only working with a Control set for most of your damage with the exception of a few secondaries (that will most likely be late-bloomers for damage). That isn't to say it can't be done - content will just be slower.


Dominators have access to the Secondary Assault lines which are pretty much all about damage. The ability Domination sets you up with stronger control power, an endurance-refreshment, and some crowd-control protection. It's truly an amazing tool for both group and solo content.


As for picking a set.. I mean, find something that would engage you if the point was to 'not sleep'? Picking something like an Ice/Empathy Controller would probably be a major slog if you're looking for hard-mode Soloing so slowly that you will fall asleep? Are you looking for something that is 'Easy' to play? I'm a little confused as to what exactly you're asking for in this rambling post.

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