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@Nezz from Guardian Server...


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Hello! Although I am fortunately still in contact with most people from way back in the day... there are a couple that I would love to see again and hopefully they see this. I am Nezz, global was (and is here, too) @Nezz on the Guardian Server on live. I used to have a Villain Group called "The Ultimate Gods of Destruction." I used to moderate the "Level 50" chat channel, too. I was most known for my Energy Melee - Regeneration Stalker that I used to PvP with and run just about every Task Force on with the battle cry of "I Live To Die!!!™." A few old friends lost were:


-Abbi Cadabra

-Oleandra (aka "O")


-Okashimi (Littledeath)



If you remember me, message or add me in game under @Nezz like old times. It would be nice to hear from you again. Thank you.


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