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Dark/Psi questions


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Has anyone tried out this combo to see how it does maxed out end game? Preferably with the Ice mastery epic pool, but not sure which epic would synergies the best with Dark/Psi. 

Looking for a build that doesn’t have any monetary restrictions to go off of. I’m looking to do incarnate content, hard TFs. Really anything in a team setting that is challenging end game.

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Hi! I do have a Dark/Rad (my main) and to be honest Dark/ it goes good with any secondary. Got better sinergy with /Dark due -to hit inherent but Dark/ is the best primary with Plant for a dominator in my opinion. 


About /Psy just to having the -regen inherent it makes it desirable for any GMs AVs fights. Some animations are kind of slow in this powerset but i think you will have a blast on end game. 


Regarding your epic my advice is: go Psionic mastery. Why? Perma  Link Minds will give you the +defense push you need for softcaping against incarnate content. Some of my dominators reach %56 ranged defense with LM and Agility, more than enough to go toe by toe against GMs or AVs. Ice Mastery is a excellent choice as well if you want to play more agressive but will not help with your resistance and the shield is S/L defense.   

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