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For Those Who Like a Mystery...


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Constructive criticism had me tweak this adventure; the Arc ID number has therefore changed, as shown below. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you like a deep story AE experience, please consider my game "Sim-City: A Game to Die For" in AE.

Arc ID: 54423

Keywords: Challenging, Custom Characters, Mystery

Length: Very Long

Morality: Heroic (but villains would like it, too)
Description: '"GUMSHOE" is the top-rated MMORPG on the AE Network.  It's the place to be anyone, do anything, fear nothing, because it's perfectly safe... Until it isn't. Find out who's turning the Happiest Place in Paragon City into a death trap.'

NOTE: The written text and dialogue will be important in solving the mystery; take time reading it and PLEASE let me know where I messed it up so I can fix it!

And, just for fun, try this adventure in 1930's versions of your characters' costumes to match the period setting.

Thanks in advance for giving it a try.


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