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Looking for RP experience? Want to be a part Paragons Nightlife? Star Dancers are recruiting!


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Welcome to Star Dancers! Paragon City and the Galaxy's greatest Rave! When you have to Rave, Rave upon the Stars!


Looking for work? Need funds to boost your career in Paragon or Etoile? Love to chat, dance, and make money while you chat and dance? Are you a positive person, who loves people from every walk of life? Join the Star Dancers! [stardancers-22629 Server: Everlasting]


Employment information:

-Experience is a benefit, but not necessary! We train! [[New to RP and want to gain Experience?]]

-Open from 8-Midnight every Monday. [EST]

-Positions include:


   Bar Tender


-Weekly payment for service, and all tips are yours to keep!

-Love the ship? Want to explore space? Additional positions available outside the club including:



   Weapons Specialist


   Many more!


Leave a Resume here -> https://discord.gg/EKMck4Wj <- And we look forward to seeing 'You' on the dance floor upon the stars!


[[Leave a brief description of your character, along with availability, any special needs and your global handle. Successful applicants will be contacted by a member of Star Dancers!]]

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