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Defeat Resistance Badge

Marine X

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Was sitting at 90/100 on Defeat Resistance Badge and ran the Maria Jenkins Mission where you go to the Praetorian Underground to Destroy a Scanner that was stolen by the resistance. After defeating Nightstar I continued on defeating Resistance Soldiers, who had the "Resistance" Faction clearly above their heads and destroyed the scanner. I then looked at badge progress and I was still at 90/100. Did I miss something? The Homecoming Wiki even mentions the Maria Jenkins Arc as a way to earn the badge, but I got no progress.


Defeat 100 points of Resistance enemies to earn this badge. Each minion counts as 1 point, lieutenants as 2 points, and bosses as 5 points.



Hero Story Arcs and Missions

Level Contact Story Arc/Mission Name
45-50 Maria Jenkins A Hero's Epic


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