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Flight Speed Cap

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Hi all,


I read somewhere that the flight speed cap is achieved by putting 3 slots in Flight and 2 in Afterburner.


Can anyone confirm this or at least set me straight?


many thanks in advance.





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Testing on the latest Pine's build.


Unslotted Fly+Afterburner+Swift is 70.7 mph


One-slotting level 50 Fly in all three is 79mph (overcap)


One-slotted Fly+Swift and two-slotted Afterburner is 84.4 mph


Two-slotted Fly, two-slotted Afterburner: 84.9 mph (significant overcap)


Two-slotted Fly, three-slotted Afterburner: 87.1 mph (still overcapped)


Fastest theoretically possible flight speed is 87.9 mph. This was achieved by four-slotting Afterburner, two-slotting Fly and one-slotting Swift.


The absolute most optimal choice here is to one-slot all three with Fly IOs (and maybe throw in a zephyr KB or LOTG in Afterburner). There's no noticeable difference between 79mph and 84.4 mph, or, if you two-slot Afterburner, 84.4 mph and 87.1 mph.



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