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Sally rewarding credit to League


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Currently sally rewards credit to teams only. so if your on a league hunting for badges, only the team of the person who got the kill will get credit 


suggesting sally get changed to give credit to the whole league rather then just the team 



why: quality of life change, sally dies within one boop on the nose.

all other Giant monsters reward the league credit for defeat 


Edit: placed in bugs because it kinda feels like one but if this is how it’s intended please place in suggestions 

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Since the game was originally designed around teams and the league system was built on top of it, this is the same behavior for every defeat badge. Giant Monsters are actually no different. They just have enough HP for multiple teams to damage them and get credit, but if one team on the league does all the damage, the others won't get credit.

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This seems like a suggestion not a bug.  A team gets GM kill credit for doing 10% of damage (Croatoa GMs excepted, just one punch will do).  Whoever gets the hit on Sally will do 100% of the damage, you can't even use the "one punch" rule used for Jack and E, there's just no damage to share.

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