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Ice/Energy Aura


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Ok here is what i got so far I am trying to balance survival ability with damage output.


Here is my current build with hasten I am setting at 176.3% global recharge 184.3% with one enemy that makes Hasten 3.5 seconds from perma no enemy and like .5 away



s/l 55 f/c55 en 54.9 n 44.964 s/l resistance


I have 1912 HP with accolades and if i user overload I capped 2 mins before the crash


None of this takes into account incarnates


Scrapper - Ice Melee - Energy Aura2.mxd


FlashBack to old days: Pinnacle

Langar Thurs-Katana/SR 50; Hejtmane-DM/DA 50

Rogue Spear-Spines/DA 50; Hypnosis-Ill/Rad 50

Sir Thomas Theroux-DM/SR 50; Melted Copper-Fire/Shield 50; Byzantine Warrior-DB/ELA 50; Blade Tempo-50 DB/EA

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