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Pandora's Box part 5 ( blueside ), Nemesis waves spawning all at once

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During the second mission of pandora's box 5, after entering Harvan's lab, you have to fight through Nemesis to reach a consolle. After the activation of such device a timer starts, and begins a phase where you have to fight Nemesis ambushes wich spawn on a regular basis and very frequently. Teams must clear them quickly or getting overwhelmed by large numbers of enemies.

Until a while ago, this was working as intended. Then, a couple updates ago or more, something must have happened. Unfortunately i don't remember exactly WHEN things started behaving in an odd way, but my sg runs pandora pretty ofetn and i can say it's been more than an year now.


Instead of appearing in regular way, usually there's a whole minute of nothing happening. sometimes it's nothing at all, something only one group spawns. This can lead to a couple of minutes of waiting, then, all of a sudden, ALL the groups that should have spawned up until that point appear at once. Last night was especially severe, as we had absolutely no enemies for a long time ( i was able to cast Bonfire 6 times in the spot where enemies should appeared,  before we actually got attacked) then the room was literally flooded by what must have been 8-10 groups, all at once. We were swamped by around 30 bosses and an hundred of goons. Needless to say, we died, and had to buff ourselves at door with super insps to even get a chance of going back in without dying istantly. We won in the end, and it was kind of fun in some ways, but the mission is definitely glitched somehow.


This has happened quite a few times, i always forgot to report this until now. the severity of the instance last night finally made me realize it has to be fixed. Thu shher number of enemies suddenly appearing ( and being nemesis on top of that, with stacking force fields, vengeance, auto hit toxic clouds and all the rest ) can quickly ramp up to nearly impossible to finish missions.


Sorry for not reporting this sooner, again i think it's been more than one year since this mission started working not as intended


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You are correct something was changed. Maybe two updates back. I only ever solo this so it was a surprise to me also. I figured it was changed to bring the run time in check with the reward bonus.

I didn’t mind this and always figured it was changed on purpose.

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