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Tabletop Simulator & D&D 5e. Information inside. (Spot filled)


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I have a player who has to bow out of a Campaign(Real life is winning). Thus leaving a open spot. First be aware, we use Tabletop Simulator, so that needed to play. It will be a team of 6 players(Currently 5). We are in Season 6 of my Homebrew World. You'll be starting at 5th level(same as the others, we do milestone leveling). First thing about my Discord, 1. We don't put up with asshats, drama queens, karens, super edgy creepers, or general hate towards anything(We have both male/female and entire rainbow there). About your DM(me). I've been DMing since I was 13, I'm 47 now. You name it, on TTRPG, I've probably played or DM/GM it. As for campaign, don't expect it to be hardcore RP, we have it and a lot RP through combat as well(They like to punch stuff, solve mysteries, etc..) If your interested and wish to speak more with me, you can start chat here in the post. It being a Homebrew world, I do have some changes to some core stuff(Mostly how threat works, I have Crit Fail/Hit tables, Magical Surge table, some smaller caveats on combat to make it flow better for folks). Here initial Hook for campaign when they started, stuff obviously changed since then, though core of it is still going on. Playtime is Sat: 7-10pm Central. (Very noob friendly)


It's been a year since Great Rift happened. With the unprecidented peace between the Pakanga Tribe and Teknoa. As well as secret organization being stopped, though feeling some darker force behind them is still at large. Finally The Academy of Arms have managed to subdue a World Hydra back into slumber with help of a group of
adventurers who at the same time through their own folly started coming of The Rift.

The Rift caused a massive volcano to erupt in the massive lake in the Abyssal Jungles when the finished, the Volcano created a land mass and 4 land bridges to it before closing, leaving behind a strange city at the base ofthe now Inactive volcano.

Throughout the year, curious folks, raiders, envoys have all shown up to this new city known as Shikaria. After much deliberation with this new transplanted city. This city also brought in new races to Amaranth, Giff, Gith, Hadozee, & Verdan. They are other races have mostly stayed away from Shikaria, not because of any prejudice (Ok maybe some), but Abyssal Jungles was never a safe to begin with, though Shikaria has suffered one thing every place has suffered....Halflings have migrated en masse there, since it's a new place of opportunity.

They are starting up their An Sealg Mòr(The Great Hunt). Invites are sent out to various cities, nobles, warriors, & famous Taverns/Inns. To spread the word and hoping for a large turn out.

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