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Crazy Syndicate ambush spawn in Shen mission, Praetoria

Die in the Disco

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This is a copy/paste of a petition I made. Here's hoping it helps if it proves to be a glitch. I've since auto-completed the mission, but the glitch in question happened both initially and after a restart of the game.


I'm currently on the second 'Hunt Down Shen' mission given by Bobcat in Praetoria, and upon entering there's a trigger for a caption to play and an ambush to spawn. I'm playing solo on base difficulty and the ambush spawns upwards of twenty enemies, making the mission unbeatable, even for a razor keen mind/empath such as myself.

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6 minutes ago, lemming said:

The ambush is a lower hitpoint, less to hit, but on a lot of ATs, it's difficult.   I think most of my chars deal with it by ignoring the ambushes and completing the mission.

Fascinating, is that a """new""" kind of thing for Going Rogue? I played back in live but I don't think I did that mission then. Either way, as you said, the ambush was more than enough for a delicate young controller such as myself to be face-planted. We don't have enough meat on our bones to absorb all those bullets and swords.

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Yep.  It was that way back when Going Rogue launched.  You have to take it slow, stock up on inspirations, and buy amplifiers from the T4V vendor if you can.  If you move around quickly, you may trigger a cascade of ambushes.  But yeah, it's difficult on some ATs, including Controllers.

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