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  1. Several of my characters are based on Champions tabletop characters and my main main, Ice Pirate, is based on one I played a lot of. On live I rebuilt her quite a few times, but the most fun was the DB/WP version, so that's what I made her on live. Currently north of 100 vet levels and is my designated badger and IO builder. She's not as efficient as she could be, but pretty flexible for most environments. Right now I have 44 other chars that I'm working on, and making the others fully kitted out with at least generic IOs at 50 with the goal of filling in sets as they get played more. A few might get parked because they just don't have as much fun factor. ( I also have 40+ names that are currently available that I might start a new alt with. but the new ones have to be sufficiently different from current sets.
  2. Ok. Ran via Oro 1) Got the Lost Cure with 50 charges. I did not have it from the original run. 2) Cured 20 Lost which completed mission 3) Call Montague to turn in mission and noted that Cure was gone. So, while I was able to complete the arc, I did not get to keep weapon. I suggest if you want to collect it, to run the arc until you get the cure, and then quit the Oro arc. This will probably get you to keep it, not sure if it will disappear if you try to use it though.
  3. I've run the mission a few times this last week on different characters, but not through Oro. Steps were: 1) Get Lost Cure (i didn't note how many charges, but more than 20, maybe 50) 2) Cure 20 Lost. Get Badge, etc... 3) Zap one more Lost, lose wand. I'll go check it out again tonight via Oro to see what happens
  4. I'm procrastinating on chores, but know if I fire up the CoX machine, nothing will be done elsewhere. 😉 For the original question: I like coming up with different concepts. Some days I just want to do some solo stuff, some days I like getting into various teams and seeing everyone's different concepts and occasionally that prompts me to make yet another alt. Now if I could go back and finish kitting up my 50s so that they're more viable.
  5. I would wish it to be context related because Corona can have quite a few different meanings. If your char description, or you brought up the current events with it, then it might get you the generic hammer. I have a couple characters that could get nailed and if it happens, it happens.
  6. Well, for Scrappers and other melee types, something pops up when you're about to Leroy Jenkins asking "Are you sure?"
  7. Oh on Live, I had at least 10-20 chars per server, though I think I cut down to about 80 near the end.
  8. Let's see. I am up to 42 characters. One just started that I'm not entirely sure on (oh dang, just thought of another one...) So far, 19 are level 50s. I have seven sentinals just because they were new and shiny and trying out the power sets. Only one stalker. No defenders (I like corrupters a little more), but I'm more a melee player) I tend to power level my guys a bit usually to 22, outfit with generic IOs, but then go back and do various task forces, etc... My main who is my badger makes all the IOs, but I don't bother much with sets until they hit 50 and I can figure out their build. 😄
  9. I don't see the harm in the option, but there better be badges like recipes for it. 😉
  10. I'm pretty casual on my playing, but I've enjoyed the update to tanks & brutes. My brute builds up fury faster and my tank seems to be able to do more damage. Honestly when I choose between Tank, Brute, and Scrapper it's more dependent on what I feel the character should be. Looking at my numbers of Alts, Three Scrappers, Five Tanks, Six Brutes, and a Stalker. My main is a Scrapper. (Out of 38 chars Sentinels & Blasters also get six variations for more interesting combos really) I play my brutes & scrappers interchangeably. Tanks are different in that you are trying to draw agro off others, though I find them easy to solo most content.
  11. No plants in the base. Freaking DE infiltrators. I have a spreadsheet just to track Dayjob progress. (Which might need a bit of expansion to include maxing out the temp powers thereof...) The spreadsheet is probably the only reason I haven't sorted my alts since the way the spreadsheet is setup makes sorting a pain... We might need to go to a DB... Crossing Steel Canyon, I almost always play the floor is lava. (Mostly with SuperJump, but ninja run works) Enhancements are slotted in order of Acc/Dam/other for attacks, Toggles get End Red/other
  12. Doubtful. At least not before I try to explain why their knockback was annoying and they reacted poorly. I didn't bring it up, so no action either way this time. The TF was going alright, so it was just annoying. I would note them if I think about it. There was another teamup where we had a tank that wasn't being played very nicely. He kept throwing taunt while next to a blaster. After I got killed again from an alpha he brought over while I was mid-snipe, I asked him to stop taunting before combat right next to the squishies. He responded with a "DONT TELL ME HOW TO PLAY" style rant. That guy qualified for an ignore though I didn't think of it at the time.
  13. As someone who does a lot of AOE melee, I get really annoyed at some knockback. I was on a couple TFs, one, someone kept using gale and hurricane to break apart groups just as I was getting them together. Highly annoying. The other TF, someone was using gale and hurricane to put them in corners to make it easy for AOEs. Nicely done.
  14. Annoying spammers or people trying to act edgy get on my ignore if they do it enough. I really should add notes on some people. There are some people that have particular styles of running teams I'd prefer to avoid, or at least a note saying "Oh yea, they don't deal well with X" so that I don't do X or avoid the team in that case.
  15. The only time I see them jumping up on stuff is when someone grabs their agro while flying. Though maybe they'll run if caught in an AOE DOT?
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