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  1. Got it with my badger who is also going thru all arcs, so had everything in hand before doing this. (Currently have 9 arcs left blue side, not doing it very quickly, but it is making me appreciate a lot of the newer arcs cleaner writing)
  2. This will not be incredibly detailed, but I'll want to come back to the subject later. Great thread that I'll need to go back to read it again These are the sentinals I've made, all reached 50, very few sets done, but at least full generic IOs Ms. Blazer: Fire/Radiation Survivable and fun to play Radiation Lass: Radiation/Regen Another strong pairing Ms. Plastique: Dual Pistols/Will Power Not the most damaging, but interesting to play Ms. Andromeda: Elec/Energy Aura Sorta meh, but need to play around with her more. Disappointed that EA doesn't give invis. (why do brutes get it, but not sents?) Mr. Impervious: Beam Rifle/Inv beam rifle is fun and invuln does a good job 22 div 7: Water/Electric I did not have as much fun, but could use revisiting Holiday in Cambodia: AR/Super Reflex Not as thrilled with AR, but Super Reflex works well. Frozen Brain: Psychic/Ice I had issues with this one. I'll give him a respec and outfit him better Lucky Number: Sonic/Bio Good sets, haven't played as much with her since 50, but fairly flexible Vera Gemini: Dark/Dark A lot of potential in this one. Currently in the needs to be slotted, but respecced Low Budget: Ice/Fire Only at level 23, but other than no KB resist, is fun. Embrace being a toggle is interesting for some added damage. Will see how they are at level 50. Still have a Archery and Ninjitsu, left. Will probably do a comparison with my blaster. Then we'll check some other combos, but after I get my last batch of chars to 50.
  3. Quick suggestion: Wouldn't the yellow line be routed around Galaxy City, if the zone is been closed off?
  4. It's obviously said by the villain of the piece.
  5. Interesting side note: You can run Halloween tips in Oro.
  6. Yep. Just confirmed that alignment tips don't work in Pocket D. And it turned out the door was inside anyway, but wanted me to use the elevator first. So only a possible problem with event tips.
  7. Need to test this on a non-halloween tip, but if you are a villain and open up a tip, the location can be set to be down the Hero elevator which you can't go down. I then set my alignment to Rogue, and when I went down the elevator, it then had me go back up the elevator and the mission door was at the portal at the top of the ramp, blue side. So, minor bug with several work arounds. (Change alignment easiest)
  8. Last night I was leading a ToT league in Peregrine and everyone in the league got disconnected from the server. I "think" it happened when I invited a character with the name "Cap 'N <something>" and when we were reforming, I tried inviting that char again, everyone disconnected. I was going to make sure I had the name down when it came up a third time, but I think they gave up. And we didn't crash the rest of the night. No idea if that is even semi-related to the problem with unicode.
  9. Just logged in a char without it and it rewarded fine. It would be between Losing Paradise and Hamidon's Fury. Maybe you already have it?
  10. I have gotten so used to getting up, making some tea, or something else and now I no longer have this luxury!
  11. short form; never got released because cryptic sold coh to ncsoft https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10/Eden-Studios/subcategory/57_340/City-Of-Heroes-RPG https://www.superherorpgs.com/city-heroes/
  12. I have a character that I ran thru all the arcs and am just now entering the Night Ward. I figured if I do run into the out of missions, I'd do Oro (though limited to Praetorian items)
  13. I played Champions from first edition and while I'm out of practice, I could probably still get a character written up in 20 minutes. While I haven't had a chance to run it yet, Prowlers & Prowlers Ultimate Edition reminds me of the old days of Champions in presentation and such. Probably because it's got a few old school Hero people involved. Unfortunately real life has interfered with the release, but they seem to be close and they do have a waiting room edition. I am friends with the staff, but no other connection other than wanting them to succeed and I do like their game. http://www.evilbeaglegames.com/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1977703373/prowlers-and-paragons-ultimate-edition
  14. I use discord quite a bit, but it's more keeping up with RL friends. Some of the iTrials for badges, I'm fine with using it, but I normally turn my mic off and still type out my sarcasm.
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