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  1. My answer to that is "There's no 'U' either" (And yes, I used that in a corporate meeting at the person who said it...)
  2. My current DB/WP Scrapper is my main and she's a lot of fun. Mostly kitted out and I have a good rhythm for the combos. I am missing my Claws scrapper, so recently rolled up Claws/WP, but working on some other ATs for the time being I do have a Psi/Regen that I'm also working on and I'll have to say while sometimes it's a bit clunky, but I did note that some mobs get cut down pretty well.
  3. Most annoying, not really any villains. It's some of the hostages that basically require you to kill everything in the map so that when you rescue them, they don't go and agro everything. (Lady Grey, Fusionette, that General guy.... for some examples)
  4. I have learned something. Just screwing around and looks like if you're below the max level of a PvP zone, you can use the contact, but if you exempler down to it, you can't. (at least with my level 24 & level 37 in Siren's) I don't remember if that was the way it worked on live.
  5. You don't actually outlevel any of the PvP zones since you exempler down to the max level. That being said, I recall only being able to patrol one of the zones. (Which might be level based, which would be weird)
  6. Of course, I could have just looked at Seg-Assets/Fonts Free for Commercial Use: Cantarell: https://www.1001fonts.com/cantarell-font.html CuppaJoe: https://www.1001fonts.com/cuppajoe-font.html DejaVu Sans: https://www.1001fonts.com/dejavu-sans-font.html Hussar Nova: https://www.fontspace.com/kineticplasma-fonts/hussar-nova TexGyreCursor: https://www.1001fonts.com/tex-gyre-cursor-font.html M+ 1c: https://www.fontspace.com/m-fonts/m-1c Free for Personal Use (non-profit ok): SF Laundromatic: https://www.1001fonts.com/sf-laundromatic-font.html Where they're actually used in the game, unsure, and I do note some more fonts in the Source in a style sheet, but since that pertains to font families: "Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Sans Serif", is more a choice based on what is on the player's system.
  7. I did a git grep -i font on Segs-Assets and the fonts listed are: "Cantarell, CuppaJoe, DejaVu Sans, Hussar Nova, M+ 1c, anf TexGyreCursor" Unsure where each is used currently, but I think those are free fonts. (Will have to do a little more research)
  8. Teleported to a mission and started running it solo, but at one point saw what looked like another PC. A little later saw him for sure and chatted with him. Apparently he entered a door and wound up in my mission instance. He entered a door in Atlas Park and wound up in mine from Grandville. He was level 50 and a Rogue which is the same as I am. Not sure if he exited back into Atlas or not. I did exit back into Grandville after finishing my mission. He seems to have logged out before then. I did use the mission transporter to get to the mission from Steel Canyon in case that has any bearing on this. Character: Ice Pirate on Excelsior Mission Contact: Shadow Spider Mission: Find who took contract against Arachnos
  9. I ran both sides for my characters that started in Praetoria. What rpgbee said. They are listed under lvl 50
  10. River rat is the most painful. Best to track progress and make sure it ticks upward for each location. All the others, easy enough to do.
  11. Got to 1262 today. Still a lot to collect... (Closing in on 1400 with a dozen to go, will send an update then)
  12. I tell myself the area has been filled with trained protected actors that are there to sell my undercover story in the Rogue Islands... And yes, Ion Core works very well. And when targetting, use something that will jump to a civ. If you target a civ, they run around too much that might screw up your targetting.
  13. I just confirmed the "You get time served even if the icon wasn't displayed when you logout" So just be sure you don't have another first ward dayjob icon, you should be good. Right by the tunnel is where I was.
  14. I've noticed the same thing. It doesn't pop up like it used to which was everywhere that the other three were not. It does seem to work near the Tunnel Connection though the icon might not come up. I got the icon to come up by going toward the fence until the "Warning: Harmful Area" came up, then when I backed off, I had the Scavenger icon come up
  15. The first mission from Provost Marchand gives you a group of high level minions and when I ran it at +4/x8 I wound up putting nearly 50k toward my badge using rebirth radial. Rebirth Core is definitely faster on Mercy, though I'm going to check the mission now.
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