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  1. I make way more inf on new chars from drops than the influence that they can get from just the inf reward. Even the chars that are turning off XP to hit all contacts before out leveling do 2xp before breakpoints.
  2. I like the new functionality, but for those people who want Fly/Hover and SJ/CJ not to coexist, maybe throw another option on Null? Not sure how much work that would be, but it may be a simpler solution. And I think the binds may still work then?
  3. My Praetorian, "New Kind of Kick" is level 44 now and been mostly self sufficient in her enhancements. I think the only non-solo stuff she's done is over the winter event and SBB, but I'll see if I can get into a CoP starting in Pocket D or Echo. Most of the information gained has been via recipe conversion.
  4. I rarely autocomplete, but the ones that tempt me the most are: 1) Any in the outdoor factories where you have to hunt down multiple objects or mobs. Takes longer to find stuff than anything else. 2) I forget who gives it, but find 12 Mages in the Orobenga caves with Malta. 3) Dream Doctor : Do the Diabolique Trial. It's not that I don't do the trial, but hate having that hang over me.
  5. My latest controller has wormhole and fold space to get things to the tank
  6. Very cool. That would be a nice png to put in the hcwiki for the Eden trial.
  7. Yay! I had been purposely avoiding exploration badges in anticipation of this release. Looking forward to more (and hope to see similar with plaques)
  8. Only real prep I do is if I remember the curse breaker. Otherwise, it's take care of ambushes before pulling Holz, dealing with him, then the Honoree. I'll have to do the trip mines before getting the blinky with my beam/traps blaster. Haven't done it yet with that one.
  9. Yep. SS + Stealth used to be enough. Now it's just Stealth. I think some people are thinking Infiltration is supposed to be more stealthy and finding it's not. I started playing around with it more since the latest patch and except for mobs with extra perception, or mobs that have a debuff/damage field, you can walk right up to them.
  10. That would be great. There are still explore badges out there too. I hope the person who did all the existing ones isn't burnt out on it, because they did a fabulous job with them.
  11. Could it be something with parking in a dayjob that gives a better recipe drop rate? As Faultline noted, it doesn't seem to be related to the vet level. Could be some other variable that gets tweaked. And one thing I have always felt that the RNG gets itself in ruts. Doesn't seem to matter if it's hit/miss, opening hero packs, drop rates, etc... Over a period of time, it seems to even out, but when you're on a streak of getting the worse rolls, it feels personal.
  12. Ok, it seems to only happen when a Praetorian Char is copied over to Beta. Icon will change to the Hero/Villain from it's Goldside counterpart and will be that on both Beta and the starting server, but only once. Recreated on both a char in Echo Plaza and Nova Praetoria.
  13. Just confirmed with my character on Excelsior, Tara Watt. DJ Icon under health bar starts blinking as soon as it's turned on. I copied her over to Beta, same thing. I'll have to check more chars in the morning.
  14. Hmm, I think something else triggered it on live, will have to check a few more things I think this only changes the Icon on the character select screen to non-praetorian. I did note this happens if I copy the character over to Beta, then it's selection icon is changed.
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