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  1. Would need to have a version of Earth Assault added in as well then.
  2. It should be noted that Champions Online doesn't share any rules, just the world. CO was originally going to be a Marvel MMO. And while some of our Champions combats could take a long time, we did have a lot of ways of speeding up combat even with ten players and numerous NPCs. Then again, we were a bunch of science nerds. In other news, you can get hard copies now of P&PUE. KS backers are getting their copies finally. I think mine is about to arrive at my mail drop. 😄 https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/346742/Prowlers--Paragons-Ultimate-Edition
  3. We were visiting vendors constantly. And for best results, you needed to sell them to the correct type.
  4. People not listening to directions seems to have always been a reason for being kicked. I don't see it very often, but reasons I have seen: 1) Not doing their share 2) Spoiling objectives such as certain badge opportunities. 3) Going AFK in a mission, and not exiting at the end. 4) Being a wanker.
  5. A friend of mine forgot to set his difficulty down from +4 for a Posi 1. That first mission was tough, but we got tons of levels. The last mission is hit or miss at + anything. If you have a bunch of controllers, those dupes can be hell to fight.
  6. I've gone nine days since my last alt... And I had a break of 42 days once. Been trying to get all my past alts configured which is filling in some of the need for alting, but occasional jonesing is happening...
  7. Using this as an example: Dr. Todd is crazy aggressive and tries to kill herself and the rest of the team. Amy ignores everyone, so no danger in failing the mission. Desdemona, TP might screw the entire trial. I think consistency might be a better fix. Maybe limiting range on TP so you can still get them out of stuck areas, but not from one end of the mission to another. Having the ones that fight be more controllable perhaps. At least knowing which is before time might be nice.
  8. My current roster in a table below I do seem to get my melee and blasters up to 50 very quickly. My PB & WS are taking forever, but they're both at 45, so soonish... (So, got them to 50 yesterday, but they seriously need to be tuned, so will be working on their builds over the next week or so) Three of my stalkers are doing projects, hence they're not at 50. I'll be revisiting Sentinels since I do like them, and now that I've tried each primary & secondary, I might make another with different combo. I think I need to have another category for "finished" where the
  9. Name changes are free in the character selector. Click on the pen in the upper right (not the red delete one)
  10. A lot of my chars are based on song titles and I'll paste some of the lyrics. The ones from TTRPG have pretty extensive origins, but only a smattering gets here. Some get more bio the more I play them. Then again, that's how my TTRPG characters got bios, more developed, the more they got played.
  11. Just tested out my own method which is, buildsave, rename file to CharName.txt, copy it over to the system that has Mids, and open it. Normally that goes fine and I save as a mxd file. Did note this time, Blistering Cold seems to have had issues, but I might just need to update. Otherwise, it worked.
  12. Yea. I moved up here in 1998, we didn't have A/C, didn't need it. We moved down to Utah for 11 years and came back in 2016, had a tiny house built with A/C since we intended to travel. Decided to stay in PDX. It's definitely warmer here than it used to be.
  13. Back on live, sure, but I was starting to cut down. Now, if I drink enough to get myself drunk, I'll be paying for it way more than I think worth it. Plus some of my meds are "don't drink" types. So, I might have a shot of good whiskey, maybe every two weeks. Eat some edibles more often, but more for the CBD than the THC.
  14. It's a definite idea that could be done. Might take a bit of work, but since the file can be stored on your computer, an editor can be done offline, and then later, you could upload it in the game. Disclaimer: While I did a lot of programming, most of what I did was server side processing on non-MS systems. 😉
  15. I have been working in cat rescue for 20+ years and am currently on the medical committee for our rescue. I've been involved many times with having to make the decision to let a cat cross, and it never gets easier. You recognize the pain, but it always hurts. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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