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Macro for Pets Casting Ability on MM


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Hi fellow masterminds! I had a quick question about a macro that could be used to make a pet cast its' ability on me. Specifically, I would like to make a macro to command the Medic to cast Stimulant on me when I hit the button. I don't know if it's possible to have him ALWAYS cast it on me, but bonus points if you've got something for that as well!



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Boy would it be game-changing if we actually had control over henchmen’s targets/application of their powers.  You can direct them to attack a particular target , to follow you and/or to attack anything or just something that is attacking you or them.  But that’s it.  Beyond targeting selective enemies, you can’t target yourself for their buffs.

But sadly…..nope.  They do what they do when they do it and to whomever they choose. 

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