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  1. Since last years exemplaring nerf, most influence farming shifted to AFK farming running multiple accounts at once. I generally do so only while I’m at work using my ShadowPC account and operating the game sessions from my iPhone. Maybe 20-25 mins per run (sometimes shorter if I’m sitting at my desk and can more frequently check into the AFK fleet), times multiple accounts, and a typical 8 hour session of not really playing adds up daily. I don’t vend anything during the day other than during my lunch break. Total time needed to exit/reset the various farmers per run is seconds so not like
  2. I may have just duplicated a bug I discovered once before, but thought perhaps it was just bad memory on part. In short, it allows you an unlimited supply of Enhancement Catalysts. How do I report the details without revealing what is essentially an exploit?
  3. Speaking of changes on Beta..... I have a number of MM’s who used Rune of Protection from the Sorcery pool. There’s huge changes inbound for RoP in particular, but that entire pool in general. While I wish they had left RoP alone, I must say that the changes they’ve made to the remainder of the pool appear to be a bit of a buff for MM’s in particular. Spirit Ward and Enflame are now toggles, and Arcane Bolt know can do significantly more damage. I was on Test server yesterday and I’m actually -VERY- pleased with how everything else has been adjusted, although I’ll mi
  4. I find with Arachnos the trick is engagement play style. Ironically, while I’m not in favor of herding tactics, it works -exceedingly- well for Arachnos since the majority of their nasty stuff is delivered from range. Jump in, grab aggro, duck behind something and let them come to you, having team lie in wait until they are bunched up. This seems to work far better than chasing Psi resist/def bonuses. And, as stated, inspirations or temp powers when needed. But once I started herding Arachnos, they ceased to be an issue for me.
  5. By no means top-tier but this is what I've been running with. Durable, can skip Hasten thanks to AM and puts out some decent damage. S/L softcapped to DEF, just as smidge under Energy as well, which is more important for the 45+ game. All this with just Agility Core and not a crazy investment in purples, although I do make use of WinterO's since I'm sitting on a pile of them. Tweak as you will but maybe it will give you some ideas. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Reborn-Team/Hero-Designer Click this DataLink to open the build
  6. Agreed, and you don’t HAVE to use gimmicks if you don’t want to. Just mash the button when it comes up. If you min/max, sure....play the gimmick. But otherwise, just ignore it.
  7. Personally, I can’t wait to get onto the test server tonight to try these changes out. I see everything but the RoP changes as a buff to the full set, if mainly a QOL buff for Spirit Ward (although with its CD lowered significantly, this too could be considered a buff situationally). But the changes to Arcane Bolt are definitely a buff and for my MM’s who dip into the Sorcery pool, I’ll definitely take those upgrades. Enflame has always been “meh” to me, but the upgrade to Mystic Flight’s performance will actually save me a slot to use elsewhere (likely in AB). On the balance,
  8. Note that it’s not that hard to up your DDR on a /Nin....it won’t equal what you can do with /SR, but it is a nice second place relatively speaking especially once you start looking at Incarnate Radial branch DDR bonuses and double stacking what /Nin has natively. But I tend to play them a bit differently overall. /SR is the classic no-fuss/toggle-up-and-forget-it kind of set. It synchs very well with primaries that require a lot of clicking or that utilize combo’s. /Nin is a far more active set for damage mitigation and I prefer it for simpler primaries that just let me mash bu
  9. While I remain firmly in the camp of “not happy with RoP changes” the logic behind the way they are coding it makes some sense. On most of the AT’s that have RoP it serves two purposes: 1) An “OS!” Button in case I’m taking cascading Defense failure and need to survive, or in some cases a “Hold my Beer” button if I’m going to run into the fray to trigger a PbAoE and know stuff will be aggroing on me. In either case, it’s for the +RES effect more than the status protection. 2) As a pocket break free, but in those instances I need it to function as such, I’m
  10. I’ve seen the arguments but having played many kinds of each it’s not universally true. A War Mace scrapper will deal a lot more ST damage than an AR blaster using just their respective ST attacks perhaps but that’s not the entire story. And since it’s a very old argument I’ll leave that subject for other threads to tackle. But I play my blasters for the unique play style that they enable. Fast, agile, dash in for blipping, spin and throw a bolt of something over your shoulder as you kite around corner, drop a nuke/rain on the mobs that are dumb enough to follow, then BuildUp an
  11. Way I've always viewed Blasters was high risk and high reward. You have all these high damage powers that, coupled with fairly low Health, puts you constantly in a state of kill or be killed. Unlike my scrappers who just wade in and smash things with little concern for tactics or even self preservation since the high defense and high damage basically make those cruise-control kinds of toons. However, with the last couple of Live releases and the IO sets, plus a bunch of stuff Homecoming tweaked, Blaster's are far more defense oriented. I don't think I have single blaster in my
  12. Mainly because the builds are spread all over the forums. Case in point....if you are looking for top-tier MM builds, be sure to check out the SCRAPPER forums for the famous Pylon Damage Thread. There’s some classic builds in there like Demon/Storm from Frosticus, Ninja/Cold and many more. Most of the better builds I’ve found have been in that thread in fact.
  13. Can’t speak to your Beast slotting, not my area of speciality. On my MM’s, I usually try to build for softcapped DEF for S/L or Ranged (never been able to do both personally). But that’s because I tend to Tankermind, taking the alpha while in BG mode. In BG mode, you already will have high resists because of how the damage is spread across you and the henchmen. But once the alpha is out of the way, I switch stance to Aggressive mode or even Attack my Target if down to just a boss or two. Thus, the Softcapped DEF is important for my play style. If you don’t Tankermind (with or
  14. Buffing MM’s is, I’ll admit, going to be a challenge. Increase sturdiness/HP’s of henchmen too much and you basically have done same for MM as you’ve enhanced BG mode. Reduce END costs for MM too much, and with a high +Recharge build MM’s secondaries can rival other AT’s just from double/triple stacking stuff. Eliminate level shifts and having an MM on the team effectively can double/triple the team size, and DPS with it. Ultimately I’m not sure how to buff the MM AT without breaking it to the side of OP. Perhaps not all builds but many. I have several Thugs/, Demon/, Bots/ an
  15. Agreed, you can go either way, which is why I snuck Rune of Protection in there. Hybrid Melee is another great way to beef up on Resistance but obviously, along with Barrier, only available to Incarnates.
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