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  1. Actually, on HC at least, you kinda CAN as long as you don’t mind a little “cheating” via liberal use of Survival Amplifier, Base Empowerment and Recovery Serum. It’s quite easy on HC to get Endurance under control. Purists often look down on such niceties but I’m all about QOL and nothing makes an attack-heavy/high +RECHARGE MM shine like the HC QOL +END buffs. I have soooooo many, many Survival Amplifiers from my various “* Pack” purchases I have actually started crafting entire builds around them. Considering how extreme the buffs are you can do some crazy high +Damage or +De
  2. If history in the real world has taught me anything this is reversed. Villains would always have the nicest stuff.
  3. For a Farmer or any alt that I intend to play long after I’ve T4’d out my Incarnates, it’s BP because their contribution to DPS is unmatched. But for all others, it’s purely based on theme, looks, etc. Everything melts so fast, even AV’s, that it’s just not that important to have ‘the best.’
  4. Secondary builds are awesome for any of the Hero/Villain epic AT’s. You have multiple ways to build these AT’s, particularly on the VEAT’s, and limited slots. I’ve done this with a Widow and a PB and it’s kind of nifty to have radically different AT’s within the same alt. Also fun for RP purposes. I have a widow that was badly injured and had her body turned into a cybernetic experiment by Arachnos as a result. She managed to hack her security protocols, became self aware and reprogram a herself different abilities at will based on the situation. Thus the “reason” for multiple builds.
  5. Speaking only from my own experience…. I’ve been gaming via VR since it’s been available. Vive, Oculus, Quest 1/2, etc. I enjoy games like Beat Sabre, all the Vader Immortal series and several others. But an hour playing anything with basically a set of scuba goggles on your face just is NOT comfortable for me. In the least. Until the tech is something like laser-casting holograms that weigh no more than eyeglasses it’s just a novelty to me. I played about an hour of Day of Defeat (old ww2 FPS) on my Vive and it literally hurt my neck. Maybe I’m an old fart but VR
  6. I lucked out and have Dec 2021 shipping. But I honestly expect delays. Everything else with a microchip in it is getting delayed.
  7. OP gotta ask….you said you were using a Fire Farm without S/L attacks. Are you sure about that? There’s dozens of poorly built fire farms in the AE that do, in fact, have critters dealing S/L damage. One day I tested about two dozen “AFK” fire farms and at least half had S/L damage. Mind telling us what AE map you are using?
  8. Not really true as countless guides have shown. Most of us self-PL’d our farmers on straight SO’s, generic IO’s and inspiration combining macros from levels 1-50. Sure, once you get to 50, you’ll want to get your Incarnates and do full IO sets build to max out +4/x8 farming in fast active times or for AFK farming. But before that just slowly dial up your difficulty until you have it all tricked out.
  9. Scrapper don’t need an invitation. We just crash the party.
  10. Ditto. However, I already play COH via ShadowPC on my iPad/iPhone. “Play” is likely too much of a stretch. It’s more for AFK farming than actually playing the game actively, although I will often fiddle with new costumes for alts and/or do marketplace transactions using this method. Likely the same thing I’d do with my SteamDeck. I see SteamDeck more for FPS than anything.
  11. I was blown away with how durable my Stalkers are now, but so much of that durability is amplified by the constant stream of crits just melting stuff all around me. I literally can take down a boss or EB in the time it takes my Tanker just to toggle up! I’m really not exaggerating….it’s insane how fast a well built stalker can “scrap it out” against spawns -and- still have enough left over to take out the boss. While I love my DB/EA, an Elec/Shield Stalker is an AOE monster as well. Something about the firepower of a Blaster with the defenses somewhere close a scrapper (albeit with far les
  12. Hear me out.....a Stalker. Yeah I know, a Stalker? Yeah....a Stalker. Out of Hide (meaning during combat): Taking more damage than you can handle? No problem....pop your +RES button.... This thing is like an armored buzzsaw. Literally. Nigh unkillable (like the best IO'd tank) but with Stalker Crit-on-demand levels of damage. It's insane. It's game-breaking. It's like a Scrapper with Assassin's Strike. Easily the most unkillable DPS machine I've ever played. Seriously....a Dual Bla
  13. Your build and mine just proves that Masterminds are incredibly diverse as an AT. Two builds, nearly the same specs, slotted differently in a few different powers within the sets and you end up with very different playstyles. I often have two different builds with my MM's because it's so easy to create an almost entirely different "feel" by simply changing up slotting and power selections. MM's are my favorite AT and when this game when dormant I looked high and low for a replacement to the AT in other games....never found one. MM's are flawed in many ways, still need some tun
  14. Meh....can buy it nao for not a lot more than recipe +crafting components. It really depends on time of day/day of week....
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