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Stacking Toxic DoTs

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3 hours ago, Savantir07 said:

 If I have Spider's Bite slotted and Degenerative interface, if I were to hit [Bane Spider Soldier.Shatter], would it stack all three toxic DoTs?

Yes, those are three different powers, so they will stack. But, there are limitations about stacking with the same power.


Shatter's dot will replace the old dot with a new one, if you strike the same target again, before the old dot expires.



Spider's Bite like Shatter will replace the old dot if it procs on the same target.



Degenerative's dot will stack up to 8 times at max level, but it is collective. Meaning your and your teammates dots all count towards the total stacks.



Look to the right of each power at the icon, it will have the details about stacking and other traits.


I went through this exercise a year or so ago about testing out all the toxic powers a Bane could use. Unless they buff experimentation, toxic dart, I found that the best toxic attacks are in the Bane power set.


Don't forget about Poisonous Ray, it's a pure toxic attack and it procs pretty well.



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