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Kenobi: Trials of the Master

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I stumbled across this while websurfing last night.


Kenobi: Trials of the Master is a fan edit in the works.  It hopes to improve the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi, especially in the areas of visuals and in some cases, sound. (I particularly like the work on the Grand Inquisitor.  Visually, they've brought his appearance in line with canon Pau'an appearances, and they've somehow replaced the Grand Inquisitor's voice with that of Jason Isaacs, the original actor for the role, probably with Respeecher.)


Currently, there are a pair of trailers and several behind-the-scenes videos out on two YouTube channels: PixelJoker95 and AD_edits.


Trailer #1:


Trailer #2:


Behind-the-scenes reel:


Trailer #2 change comparisons:


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