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  1. I do like seeing positive threads like this. It beats those threads back in the day where folks left in a huff and wanted the world...and its little dog, too...to know about it. Only good thing about those was that sometimes a request for "stuff" got results. (Note that it was hard to finish this note. I kept drool...er, staring, at that deep dish pizza avatar above.)
  2. Ah, time for my quarterly grumble at the fact that half the missions in Brickstown are behind just two doors in an underground maintenance area. I may have the percentage a bit low.
  3. I tend to like heroes of the pulp, serial movie, and radio genres of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. So my main toons are loosely influenced by them Cmdr Ray Gunn is influenced by the serial sci-fi movies and related comics of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, King of the Rocketmen, etc. Ace Barnstormer is influenced by the Rocketeer and Kato. There is one other with a comic book influence. Lesser Saint rad/rad corruptor was conceptually influenced by Desert Ghost (Xi'an Chi Xan) the little-remembered leader of the X-men 2099. Desert Ghost had the powers of healing and destruction, one in each hand, a parallel to a rad/rad corruptors two power sets.
  4. No crazier than asking for the masks of Hazel & Cha Cha of "The Umbrella Academy".
  5. Now you have me wondering if a copy of the chest symbols could be shrunk and ported to the front of the ballcaps. Would it even need to be a smaller size than the over-the-left-pocket symbols?
  6. Title additions are your friends. I tried to port my #1 guy over to Excelsior only to find ever other server had a "Ray Gunn", the name I used in the original game. Funny, I play all the servers and I've never seen another with that name. Anywho, I actually deepened his backstory slightly by designating him CMDR (old abbreviation for Commander), and I've been off and running ever since. Now thinking of doing it for another of my characters I intend to port. Don't forget the professional titles too. Anyone got dibs on Senator Foghorn for a sonic?
  7. Consider watching the Looking for Group channel for "DFB" a.k.a. "Death From Below". There's usually several per hour running, and with full teams. It's basically an MMO dungeon designed for the new characters to gain experience, and that happens rapidly running it. If you've never done it, tell your teammates. I've generally found the teams to be very helpful to first time runners. Also, listen closely if they talk about doing the badges. There's some precise qualifications, especially for the first one, but if you pay attention, it is not hard. After that (and people do run it repeatedly, sometimes up to the low 20s, though there are diminishing returns after 15 or 16, I believe) Hollows missions are sometimes grouped, and there's definitely DIB, a.k.a. "Drowning in Blood" for the 15+ team-ups. Sometimes people call out for a team to help with the Atlas story missions, so there's that as well. All of these help move you quickly up to level 20 and past the endurance drain challenges of the teen levels. Oh, and welcome back! EDIT: Looks like you posted about knowing the LFG channel right before I posted. Well, hopefully you knew about the DFB as well then. Cheers!
  8. Ah, Magnus Robot Fighter. Dig the Go-Go boots I think, regarding the eye level, that some of it can be negated by the use of the sliders for facial sizing. Centaurians would work well with the Woodsman storyline.
  9. I did a lot of alt-ing, never getting above 30, until I buckled down with just one and said I'd go to 50 with him. Once I got into higher end storylines (portal corp, malta, carnival, etc.) I found enough challenging and interesting, that I wanted to drag all my low alts up to the higher level. Maybe get in good with a team of 7 doing Portal Corp storyline or similar level stuff, and who don't mind a lowby tagging along, and the experience might make you interested to go higher, at least one one character.
  10. 1.) Unilateral power color customization. I'd like to be able to have my energy blaster fire a right green bolt and a left purple bolt simultaneously. Or have only one colored and the other no color. Likewise for auras, such as one color per eye, or only one glowing eye. That ought to satisfy the Cable fans out there. 2.) Neck costume option separated from shoulder option, so we can have both. If I want the Mr. T gold neck chains and the justice shoulder pads, it shouldn't be a "choose one". 3.) Texture match: I'd like to be able to select one costume piece and tell the tailor to make other pieces of the uniform match the texture. My Brass Dragon character, for example, is supposed to be encased in an all brass power suit, but the pieces each have a different texture: chrome, brushed metal, dull finish, even some plastic-y looking stuff. The texture also seems to slightly alter the color, even though I pick the same color. I'd like to click on the chrome chestpiece, tell the tailor it is the template, then select boots, shoulders, and gloves to apply the texture to, while ignoring the legs, which already have chrome, and the visor, which I want to have a glass finish.
  11. I tend to like the sci-fi elements, such as the Ritki, and because I'm a fan of 1930's through WWII era stuff like dieselpunk and pulp fiction heroes, I like the Sky Raiders as well (though what I know of their story feels a little light). Malta are cool (though I detest their sappers), and Freakshow are always fun. What I don't gravitate to is magic, most especially the Circle of Thorns. I've stated elsewhere that I feel they were overused. I think my distaste is because I was led to believe, perhaps mistakenly, that the game would develop to maintain a balance between the 5 origin types, and I liked that concept. But I tend to see magic as having been far more developed than the others.
  12. I've been curious about this myself, most especially if a hard number can be had. There are variables, I think, like the "Bug Hunter" badge, which was obtainable in the original game if you submitted documentation of a serious game bug and the devs liked your efforts enough to reward you with the badge. I'm not sure that's still being handed out, but if so, it's extremely rare. There's also the blue/red issue, possibly. While we can cross the line of hero/villainy, I think I'd once heard that there were certain side-specific badges that neutralized other side-specific badges. This was only heard, mind you, so I could be wrong. There may be other total-count variables I've not heard in rumor.
  13. Used to love doing Frostfire back in the original game's run. However, after over 400 confirmed missions (probably closer to 500, though I stopped counting), I'm a tad burned out. I've only done it a couple of times since May. Still, one doesn't run a mission 400+ times if it isn't a lot of fun. I'd often wished in the original run that the devs had come up with a second major Frostfire mission (new Zig escape?) higher up in the rankings, say level 35, and plenty of ice to slide on.
  14. All I could think about when seeing this was...Yeah, Toast! (so sorry...)
  15. Much as I'd love the idea, I'm pretty sure the "growth" part doesn't work with the current engine. If it did, we'd probably have had Atlas as an interactive NPC, if only for a flashback mission to the Fifth Column invasion of Independence Port. I believe the sizing issue came up in old endgame material where targeting (target boxes?) got to be a problem due to the size of a character. Besides, even if you did have a Giant Man, would you really want to fight in the blue cave tunnels using him?
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