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  1. Do you have suggestions as to which maps would be the most reasonable? And what would be your suggested criteria for unlocking these extra P2W vendors?
  2. I actually do have a farmer that is plant/storm, Jack Beans by name. He's all kinds of fun, though I will admit the pet doesn't seem the most potent of controller pets. Perhaps I need to give Gertrude a different fertilizer. Regardless, the pet is not a wimp, at least, and storm more than compensates for any perceived shortfalls. I still would recommend the combination.
  3. Is that around a certain mission giver whose status changes by the end of the story arc? If so, I think there's a similar setup in mid-north Steel Canyon.
  4. Respectfully, I think you just made Razor Cure's point. RC's description shows the PP aren't testing player ability. It really can't challenge player ability if literally nothing the player does affects them for 1 or 2 minutes, or however long that "eternity" is. It's not even a game of keep away at that point. I've run several teams fighting Crey of late and the PP never seem to lethally hit while using MOG. The teammate literally stand around with a "we gotta wait...again?!" attitude. Often, I'll see 5 or 6 teammates move on to the next mob, and leave 2 or 3 to mop up when MOG wears off. I do agree with you that if the team can drag them along to the next mob, it's the better way to go. Challenging to me would be to find a way to burn down a near-MOG ability. For example, if they're resistant to everything else except psionic, and even then psionic's attacks are less potent. Then it becomes a challenge to wear them down faster than the MOG-like ability would give them. Alternately, if all player attacks are reduced to, say, half a minor damage attack, then again, it's a challenge to wear them out faster than their normal allotted time. Should they also start getting true hits in, like I remember from the original game, then it becomes a challenge.
  5. Ah, my bad. I thought the Korean version actually released and was shut down within a short time. Guess that resolve that, unless someone has new info. So, next on my list...about that 5th Column moonbase...
  6. I'd definite understand this in light of just getting up and running. Once you've got a "rinse and repeat" pattern figured out for crafting for the AH, though, you can spend a fairly small amount of time for relatively big rewards. I do crafting in off-hours when most are not online. I've often spent a mere 1/2 hour crafting and posting in the AH to get 40-50 million inf by the time all postings sell out. I'm sure there are crafter-sellers out there with much better results than mine.
  7. Okay. I'm making an assumption, of course, but since the Korean server went live, at least for a time, I'd assumed there were NPC models in the code.
  8. Oh, I see. I misunderstood and thought there was a glitch that prevented those originating in gold side from ever entering Khalisti Warf.
  9. I'd not heard that. So the costume contests never include gold-siders?
  10. A question concerning the W.I.S.D.O.M. super group: (for those who don't know W.I.S.D.O.M. was designed for the Asian server's opening. That server didn't last long.) We have Foreshadow as trainer in The Hollows, and Mirror Spirit as trainer in Faultline. I know Rose Star and Spark Blade are not in game, but have their NPCs been retained in the game code? I'm wonder if there's enough there to someday add them as trainers in other zones.
  11. I'm not sure anybody misses grunge. As to comics, I was only collecting while grunge was a...ahem, in the 1990's. So I was one step from when you quit, which nowadays would be "old school". From what I remember of the time, I enjoyed the Age of Apocalypse story arc (nothing like the movie), and I got a kick out of the various 2099 comics, sort of a next-gen concept on several popular characters, set in the year 2099. Spider-man 2099 was surprisingly dark for the time (cannibalistic Vulture), and Miguel, the future Spider-man was pretty cool. Doom 2099 I found surprising. I'd never been much of a fan of Dr. Doom, thinking him too over the top, but the Doom of 2099 is shrouded in a mystery, even to himself, and that created an edge that drew me in. X-men 2099 I thought had some interesting characters (the leader had an intriguing power set and was not Charles Xavier, not by a long shot), but I fear they ended that title before it could really get a good foothold.
  12. Good use of color and shade. Not your fault, but I cannot see that chest symbol without thinking "AT&T".
  13. I'd have to agree. A regen on a sentinel IS fine. Mighty fine.
  14. I am going to assume an 11 year old movie doesn't need a spoiler window. I rewatched the Senate hearings scene from Iron Man 2. It is the " I've successfully privatized world peace" scene. After Stark displays failed attempts to duplicate Iron Man, he states all other attempts are a decade out from success, with Hammer industries being 20 years out. Now we're a decade out, admittedly delayed a year due to the pandemic, and delayed internal to the MCU chronology, by 5 years of the Snap wreaking havoc. And what do we have? The upcoming Armor Wars story with Rhodey defending Stark technology from theft by those who want to finish their designs, including from Justin Hammer. Foreshadowing planted a decade ago in an almost throw away line. Amazing plotting by the Marvel team.
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