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  1. Pretty much this. Within things "negative" I'd add exceptionally "colorful" language. I hear it all day long at work, and I'd rather have an enjoyable conversation that isn't just a daisy-chain of four-letter words or innuendo jokes. I realize there are opposites to me that thrive on that stuff. YMMV. That's not to say I don't have fun, and once I warm up to others, I'm wisecrackin' with the best of them. I also need a completely casual approach. Some days I can be online for hours, and some I can barely spare 15 minutes to check the auction house and move my toons to new Day Jobs. I never know which version a day will bring. "Casual" also means being on my own time a lot when in the game, to focus on detail work like crafting, AH buying, enhancement upgrades, hunting an elusive badge, etc. I suppose I might work best in one of those "auxiliary corp" SG's that use to be linked by coalition to hardcore SG's. I'd also add that whatever the character I'm signed in as, at the moment, is the character I'm playing. I don't drop everything to grab my tank because someone else decides they need it. If I see the need, and I decide I can spare the time to switch characters, sure, I'll tank for ya. I guess that is another point under "casual", but having encountered this issue over a decade ago, SG's, or guilds in general, kind of tarnished their image with me.
  2. Rehashing my old Costume Art thread pic to demonstrate Spectrum skin "water", sans Stealth. Also, I recall back in the original game, someone used a flat costume with a circle pattern to create a look that seemed like carbonated water. In fact, I think that was the name of the character: The Carbonated Man. I saw him around a few times and folks were always saying how cool he looked.
  3. Yu da Man! (Well, sort of...)
  4. That...actually would be awesome! Cumbersome to wield, mind you, unless you have it automatically come with a telekinetic effect...or drill 3 bowling ball holes.
  5. Respectfully, and noting this is entirely my opinion, I'd personally never recommend Dell. I'm 20 years into IT Desktop Support, and the stuff I've seen in regard to Dell, both technological failings and cover-up practices in their customer service, has made me decidedly anti-Dell. I know from multiple talks with many of my peers that they share my sentiments. I'm not overly crazy about HP either, (it's the second major name that keeps surfacing) but I've never seen the level of problems from them that I've seen with Dell. YMMV. I accept that there's quite probably smarter IT people on the forums than I am, and they may hold another viewpoint. I'm just stating mine In those multiple talks with my IT colleagues the last couple of years, I've learned we tend to be interested in Lenovo, ASUS, and MSI. There's some other brands I could mention, but the discussion was highly polarized: you loved it or hated it. Of course, this all comes from the perspective of business computing. We do consider some graphics heavy applications, like digital X-rays, but otherwise, high-quality movies or marketing department projects are usually our biggest stresses to test. If you're after a true gaming computer, there may be information with which I'm not familiar.
  6. Y'all have clearly never seen the hospital where I work. I'd swear it was designed for Paragon City hero missions. I'm forever stopping to help out poor souls stopped at intersections looking around desperately for a directional sign or map. The bizarre pathing came about because of numerous building projects over the last 100 years. Rather than take the effort to build a true integration into what already existed, they continually tacked on new structures, hallways, etc. We actually have a wing called "2 1/2" because the designers couldn't be bothered to level the construction with the current floor, so the stairwell has an odd-angled ramp leading to an offset level. Last year, they bricked in the internal access to one set of elevators, requiring the workers to now exit the building and turn around and enter a new door to access the elevators. Then, in the same elevator lobby they'd created (one which is never full), they went to the other side of the 20' room from the two elevators that go up all 6 floors, and added...an elevator that goes up one floor. Yes, it exists! We also have things like 2 long halls that follow the exact same path with only a thin wall between them, and doors connecting both halls at each end. I could fill a small book with the odd stuff in the place. If only the AE was sophisticated enough to mirror the real life structure.
  7. Just finished a blaster-heavy Citadel TF, with 2 team spots empty, and we did move pretty quickly. My beef with Citadel is both the repetition (shoot, the first two cave missions are always at the same door!) and the seesaw back and forth between IP and Talos, always at distant corners of the maps. Quarterfield is, so far, the worst for me. I ran one last night for the first time in ages, and it seems to be a torture made for Tantalus: basically the same scenario over and over and over...for 3 hours (and change). The last hour, the team had basically shut up, no joking, nothing. That's not what gaming should be about. I'm in the minority, it seems because I actually like Numina's TF. That "go there kill that" stuff, each time I've run it, has been a race of sorts, to see who can snag what assignment first, and how fast can they clear the board. Guess I just was lucky to have some fun teams. Synapse would be "fine" if they'd have carved it in two, like they did Posi's. I personally hate the 10x attack start of the Katie Hannon TF.
  8. Why reroll, and lose what you've started? With the current setup, just port the current character over to one of the other servers then start his ESS doppelganger. Make sure you start it right away though, so no one snags the name. Oh, and thanks for the heads up. I normally don't focus on the test server, but these creations sound fantastic.
  9. Wasn't there a scenario, where other NPCs were present and they all sort of acted as a Greek chorus parroting Fayte, calling him "a gifted surgeon, and nothing more"?
  10. From your description, I'd think the "glass cannon" class would be constantly frustrated by healers, who unwittingly negate the significant damage multiplier in their quest to keep the team at 100%. Those using AOE heals would especially be troublesome, since targeted healing wouldn't be an option. As to the melee/range description of "blapper", I'm loving my energy/energy. Why just last night I throat punched a Crey tank at the peak of his leap to smash me. So satisfying to see him go horizontal. One could almost hear metal and cartilage shatter.
  11. I do like seeing positive threads like this. It beats those threads back in the day where folks left in a huff and wanted the world...and its little dog, too...to know about it. Only good thing about those was that sometimes a request for "stuff" got results. (Note that it was hard to finish this note. I kept drool...er, staring, at that deep dish pizza avatar above.)
  12. Ah, time for my quarterly grumble at the fact that half the missions in Brickstown are behind just two doors in an underground maintenance area. I may have the percentage a bit low.
  13. I tend to like heroes of the pulp, serial movie, and radio genres of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. So my main toons are loosely influenced by them Cmdr Ray Gunn is influenced by the serial sci-fi movies and related comics of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, King of the Rocketmen, etc. Ace Barnstormer is influenced by the Rocketeer and Kato. There is one other with a comic book influence. Lesser Saint rad/rad corruptor was conceptually influenced by Desert Ghost (Xi'an Chi Xan) the little-remembered leader of the X-men 2099. Desert Ghost had the powers of healing and destruction, one in each hand, a parallel to a rad/rad corruptors two power sets.
  14. No crazier than asking for the masks of Hazel & Cha Cha of "The Umbrella Academy".
  15. Now you have me wondering if a copy of the chest symbols could be shrunk and ported to the front of the ballcaps. Would it even need to be a smaller size than the over-the-left-pocket symbols?
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