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  1. "Normal" being the operating word (see below). And yeah, AzureAngel, Little Lost Boy looks fantastic! Hat's off to you. It's not easy to make youth look natural in the game. (Just ask Baby New Year.) I rebooted my character Vincent Poe. You may have seen, earlier in this thread, the original character's look like an attempt to mimic Vincent Price. Rebooted, Vincent Poe's starting look was as a child just on the edge of his teenage years. With his name and dark/dark powerset, I went for "creepy kid" look, not normal. Now at security level 50, he's aged to his late teens, and has a refreshed look.
  2. I've a staff brute, built more like a scrapper. I'd recommend just defusing any potential issues right up front by explaining immediately to the team as to how he functions. Usually, you'll have courteous responses.
  3. Hear, hear! 👍 If there's anyway possible to unleash these people into designing new instanced mission environments, please give them the tools and unleash them!
  4. Then there should be a counterpart: Not It: Be the first to click "Accept" for your queued event 10 times.
  5. "Seraphim" sounds like it would be a supernatural/magic organization. I suppose it could have been the prototype for Knives of Artemis as well. I wonder if the name was dumped due to its similarity to S.E.R.A.P.H.? Personal opinion, but I'd love to see Homecoming take these unused names and create new groups and new content around them.
  6. You've reminded me of the OG game where there used to be cattle supergroups, and one would occasionally see the herd running through the city. Kind of miss that.
  7. Although I've always liked Sid Meiers' Civilization, and played countless hours on various iterations, I LOVED the Avalon Hill game, just could never seem to coordinate a game with friends, probably due to the time factor. You've brought to mind, however, that there was a fan's online effort years ago to port the board game over to digital. I need to see if there was any success. I'd love to have a version that let the computer speed things up a bit. EDIT: and almost immediately, I discovered it: http://civ.rol-play.com/ahciv/login.php?horde_logout_token=O0kPoR2fK703JnAhdhztbOkFlxQ&app=horde While on the topic of Avalon Hill, they had another great board game, not well-known apparently: Source of the Nile. It's another I wish had been ported over to a digital game. It's essentially a "Lost World" genre, like the works of H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, just without the supernatural elements. Set in late 1800s Africa, it lets players assume the role of explorers, with only the coastlines of Africa known and set. Each move inland renders a different tile revealing a map unique to that game (no real-world African interiors), with rewards or disaster resulting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_of_the_Nile_(board_game)
  8. If we ever get the permission to post game videos, I can see a comedy one of foe defeats with an added squeegee sound as ragdoll physics slowly drags their bodies down that slope.
  9. I was just re-reading it and suddenly realized what it reminded me of: comedian Bob Newhart's famous phone call routines.
  10. Okay, that is a remarkably good costume! I'd never seen that pic before.
  11. We'd still need a visibly unique identifier, both for team selection purposes ("Which of you 20 Spidermen wanted to join the TF?"), and for avoiding griefing from players deliberately disguising themselves in name and costume as others to give others a bad name via bad behavior.
  12. *looks both ways, quietly opens game* *hits rename on xXxSol@rvers3xXx* *renames to Energy Blast*
  13. Just speculating...Are these on high level characters? I'm wondering if they're low-level characters, in which case, knowing that changing names is free, perhaps they're placeholder names until the player can figure out a concept and name? Alternatively, might they be the result of having a named generic'ed by the GMs, either selected by the GMs, rather than assigning a number, or chose by the players who lost a name?
  14. Would that mean the Eden zone was named for Eden Studios? I just found out that swimming south in the Peregrine Island zone will eventually transfer you to the northern waters of the Talos Island zone. (which all lines up on the city map) Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to work that in reverse.
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