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  1. Make it with sweet red peppers instead of tomatoes (or perhaps used sundried tomato), and I'll definitely try it. Unfortunately, I'm one of the roughly 20% of the population who gag on fresh tomato, and that extends far beyond pizza. Ironically, I don't gag on pineapple pizza, but it brings me no pleasure either.
  2. Some of the water cooler talk at work about this last month suggested the situation was resolved around shutting down the printing operation and converting everything to digital. So did that not happen? Or is it still going to happen?
  3. I've never heard the audiobook. Didn't even previously know that it existed.
  4. Fruit that identifies as veggies? Peppers, fine. (though I'd stress moderation on jalapenos) pizza sauce, fine. Sundried tomato, fine. Fresh tomato, zucchini, eggplant...😝🤢🤮
  5. I'd probably rejoin Star Wars: The Old Republic if a guild like that started up there!
  6. I'll glance at it. I'm not a huge fan of anime, but I might find it interesting. At this time I find the decade old show The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes to be the most interesting of the Avengers animations.
  7. The problem is...who issued the promise? 😈 Please make sure they use the Ferengi Tooth Sharpener before they head out. No fruit, unless it is a purely dessert pizza. Now peanut butter...that is a pizza topping worth trying. Surprisingly good. I got through many a classic, cheap school cafeteria pizza using peanut butter. Rats, now I'm craving this and the local pizza parlor just closed.
  8. I'm all for disaster rescues. It's interesting you bring that up. Marvel Cinematic Universe has stated that with the recent The Falcon & The Winter Soldier miniseries that they began to look into a new role for superheroes, one more tuned to first responders than to warriors. I would add that any version of super speed should have electrostatic adhesion to vertical surfaces. Should be better than our current super speed which cannot go up buildings and other walls. Fishing? Well if we get f..f...*cough*..
  9. Might make a good costume suggestion for a non-usable back item, or a suggestion for a temporary weapon, perhaps tied to a new day job of some sort, possibly involving water, boats, or docks.
  10. Welcome Home! PF (Flyer? couldn't resist) is right. Take the time to sort through the P2W vendors listings and consider taking anything that isn't nailed down by influence. There's a lot of free stuff there that can help. Note that the P2W vendor can increase your speed of advancement but at the cost of earning INF (currency). As this is your first time in Homecoming, I'd not recommend the full double XP boost, as you'll need INF for some of your enhancements. Note that vendors no longer sell training enhancements. One starts with Dual Origin (DO) enhancements now, an
  11. Saw the video (below). Glad you posted this! Very nice work! I tried to make a Christmas Nutcracker soldier in the original game, and could never pull it off. (I did make a villainous Mouse King, though) Though not a nutcracker, obviously, your Jaegerbaum is more or less the ideal I had.
  12. This is looking fantastic. The last two attempts missed the mark. The 1984 version crammed too much book into too little on-screen time (and did a botch job on the Baron), and the miniseries had too thin a budget, and left out an important element (1984 didn't). The real story lies somewhere between and with a lot more flesh on its bones. I hear in a general sense that the internet has been a buzz with controversy, though I'm not sure what. I suppose it has something to do, at least in part, with a gender change on one of the strong secondary character roles. Perhaps there's
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