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  1. The ghost of 2005 WOW guild raid leadership rises again...
  2. I suspect you're not on Excelsior. There's BAF's most every day, and usually many. Lambdas are reasonably frequent as well. Other incarnate trials are less frequent, but are done. The nice thing is that Homecoming makes transitioning between servers a fairly painless process, so if you want to run these trials, it should be a simple thing to hop over to Excelsior, though granted you'll need to verify name availability and take into consideration things like dropping the super group membership, which of course you can pick back up on a return.
  3. Quoted for truth. As to the rest, you can go see Mender Ramiel in Ouroboros and begin to do his story arc. If, as this is your first time, you run into missions too challenging for soloing, don't despair. Pause your efforts there, and jump in when someone in Ouroboros starts putting together a BAF (Behavioral Adjustment Facility) trial. (You may want to avoid the Master of BAF stuff at first. Up to you.) Let the leader know you're new and accept any guidance. We've got some fine leaders in that regard, and they'll see you through. BAF is the first of the incarnate trials, with
  4. I suspect the original developers focused on the end of the story that is the Lost and may not have realized how it was perceived by new players moving through the material. As such, in the original game, we'd just completed King's Row which used to be dominantly Lost, rather than heavily Skull and Circle of Thorns as it is now. So in that perspective, Castanella is a natural next step as the OG players moved from KR to Steel Canyon. I do remember the full realization of the Lost/Ritki connection to be a bit jarring as a new player, however. I mean, the clues were all there, bu
  5. Hmm...I don't know. What do you think, Bladespark, my wanted-to-have-a-WOW-two-handed-axe-dwarf-homage-so-used-Titan-weapons creation? Can't think of anything? Yeah, me neither.
  6. Make you wonder if they took the time when designing the MCU, to consider what material Thanos' double blade is/was. That it could break the Captain America shield without damage to itself would seem to imply it is something stronger.
  7. 02:30 in the video. I did not know this. I'd always worked from an old article I'd read that claimed Marvel had defined its fictional metals and that adamantium was an alloy of vibranium, and the weaker of the two. (The article went on to say that the also fictional carbonadium was a flexible form of adamantium, and therefore weaker. Carbonadium is best known as the structure of Omega Red's tentacles.) I did look it up however, and it appears the article I previously read was wrong, and this video was accurate, though I double adamantium would pierce vibranium quite so easily.
  8. The starter Incarnate mission where Lady Gray sends you, with warning to get a team, to fight the Honoree. I'd really prefer not to skip it, but I've yet to have a character at that level capable of soloing it, and I've never been able to recruit a team for just a single mission. It's frustrating, but I need to move forward, so I auto-complete it. I'd probably have better luck recruiting a team if there were, say, 3 missions at team-strength level back-to-back.
  9. The green one is a person blacked out due to an intensely-bright, celestial-like aura surrounding them, not unlike our single-target healing auras in the game (though they are less bright, of course). What puzzles me is what's happening at the base of the image. I can't clearly tell if the figure is up to his hips in a pool, or casting a small shadow, or in some freaky kneeling position. Your frisbee or beret guess was probably better than mine. I've long seen the edge and slope of a red tortoise shell, with a hockey puck sticking between the two shell halves. LOL. 🤪
  10. (Skywalker's kid, Skywalker's grandkid, Palpatine's grandkid...the man has some experience with this point.)
  11. Aegis is supposed to be some sort of ancient shield, perhaps with some odd attempt at creating a goat hide covering. The Aegis in Greek mythology was a unique protection device, often described in terms of a shield covered in goat's hide, but the variations of what the device was or looked like are legion. Regardless, it was meant to give special defense, so we have Aegis as a damage reduction set.
  12. Episode 2 is out and it was good to see the return of a favorite SW monster of mine, as well as the return of ____________ .
  13. Mistitled article. Should read: The Worst Article on Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That or: We Had To Come Up With Something Before A Deadline, So We Decided To Just Draw Lots On Who We're Going To Call "Worst Characters". Honestly, Steve and Tony in the list? Geek Card Turn-In is that way >>>>> (I will grant you Trevor Slattery should be on the list. But placing him as #12 just shows how random their whole mess is.)
  14. Yeah, that's a great way to summarize my expectations. Loki as seeming anti-hero, but with the potential to go full-on villain at any moment. I think I'm most intrigued with Owen Wilson's role. I'm not a huge fan of Owen, more neutral, but the trailers show a very interesting performance from him. I kind of picture his character (and the TVA as a whole) in your stated context as the equivalent of the Gallifreyan leadership: clever, dangerous, confident that they have the Master completely under control, even foiling him a few times, but ultimately either resulting in a walk-away draw, or w
  15. What Vee said. 😉 I think I heard successive episodes will be 1/2 hour each, though perhaps the series/season finale will be longer. The next one will drop this Friday. They did the hour-long one for Star Wars Day, otherwise it probably would have dropped last Friday.
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