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  1. Insane and other mentally-compromised villains only mildly interest me. Comedy villains only mildly interest me unless you're speaking of actor Stanley Tucci's hilariously slap-stick "Muerte" in the movie Undercover Blues. Then you have my full attention. Mustache-twirling villains are too one-dimensional for my tastes. I like the villains who are very smart, incredibly cool under pressure, and who are so close in ideology to "normal" that you'd actually be persuaded to befriend them if it weren't for some extreme action they insist upon taking, even if the
  2. But is using Trout Melee as sustainable practice, or will we be depleting the rivers, and depriving fly fishers? At least with Asian Carp Melee we have the satisfaction of removing some of an invasive species from our rivers.
  3. The Time Variance Authority snags many PsychoChronoMetrons in the course of their duties. So many in fact, that the staff have taken to helping themselves to a few for their own curiosities collections...or more likely just to use as a door jam. Clearly someone was using the one on the helicopter as a paperweight to keep papers from blowing around.
  4. I was mulling over IO slotting arrangements on Corrosive Vial this evening when I realized I have never really considered which is more effective against an enemy: a second damage IO or a defense debuff IO. And does it depend on the power they're slotted to? Let's give an example: Corrosive Vial, simplified to two slots. Let's use level 50 IOs for simplicity, and assume the first slot has a damage IO. Would my attack be more effective by slotting a second damage IO, or would using that second slot for a defense debuff improve the effectiveness of the current damage enough to pr
  5. I've still not seen Shang-Chi though I look forward to it. I was puzzled, after Disney put several other movies in Disney + at premium prices, to find it was not doing the same. I haven't bought into that concept yet, but Shang-Chi probably would have been the first one. And the way they're pushing things back, Michael Douglas is going to be in a nursing home before a fourth Ant Man film gets started. (Assuming Hank lives through Quantumania).
  6. Just so long as the page comes with a new Time Melee set. I need me a Time/Stone brute!
  7. "Humor and camp"? You're gonna love Shazam. I'm intrigued with the casting of Pierce Brosnan (the hair looks pretty spectacular, too). I, too, am curious about the tie in. We know Shazam was largely light-hearted fun. And it looks like they're pitching that Black Adam will be the polar opposite. So how do you push these two together without destroying one or the other? Someone got a "your chocolate in my peanut butter" solution?
  8. Thank you for that correction. I only saw part of season 1 of Gotham, so clearly I missed that.
  9. The magic-origin, electrical/invulnerable tank has entered the room. Original animated teaser: Latest live-action teaser: Honestly, this is looking very good. I had fears after the Captain Marv...ahem, Shazam! movie that anything connected with that brand would be campy, but if the teaser is setting the pace for the movie, this looks like a magic supervillain version of The Terminator, and I'm down for that.
  10. I forgot to note one rumor floating around which is, at some point expect to see the Court of Owls. If so, this will mark their first live action appearance. I'd expect it would likely be a cameo, perhaps of the Court taking notice of Batman for the first time, setting yet another stage for another movie. And if this all is true, having the Gotham Knights video game come out, with it's focus on the Court might help bring awareness of this group to a wider audience.
  11. I've been holding back one I'd dearly love to see: Bookworm. Pretty sure he's only been in the '66 Adam West series, so a very campy version, but I can see great potential of a Bookworm reinvented as a information junkie with photographic memory, scanning fantastic amounts of webpages and e-books, and with a mind capable of collating all sorts of minutia collected from his readings into master plans. As a result he's a master hacker, blackmailer, and manipulator on a Big Brother scale. I only wish Roddy McDowell was still alive to play this serious version of him.
  12. Might that have had costume components unique to Korea? And if so, can they be ported over to the current game?
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