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  1. I've never seen my user's guide, but I'm a guy so unless it was written in sanskrit, how hard could it have been? Probably a single page that read: Meat and potatoes. No salad until 45. Sports until 25. Video games forever.
  2. Real World location: Cairo, Illinois, USA, site of the merger of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Fictional Paragon City Universe (PCU) location: Future City, Illinois, USA Brief summation: Size: roughly that of Manhattan Island, New York Population: (Metro stat area) 750,000+, and increasing Notable business: shipping/logistics, communications, network technologies, software design Notable persons: Defiance (hero supergroup) headed by Mound Builder & Rushing Water New Madrid (presumed vigilante) Evergreen (rogue supergroup) headed by Doria N. Jung and Willis Evermoore The Finks (villain supergroup) headed by Big Mike Extended history and description: Map zone details:
  3. For fun, I'd like to issue a challenge to all forumites: build the greater Paragon City world. What might your choice (or choices) of game expansions to other parts of the fictional world look like? The level of detail is for you to decide. I'll post the first one, which I've been working on for a while, so don't feel you have to create sometime so massive, but it might be nice. Guidelines (not requirements): 1. Pick a spot anywhere in the real world. It does not have to be a city. It could be a national park, a wilderness, desert, mythical landmass or even the deep ocean (Rogue Islands, for example, are a mythical landmass that occupy a space that's pure ocean in the real world.) IMPORTANT: When you've picked a location, you may want to put a placeholder in the thread with the real world location, and fictional location name so that others don't duplicate your effort. 2. Imagine what would occupy that spot in the Paragon City universe. Try to see it organically. That is, try to imagine how it came to be; why people would be there, and most especially, how it diverged from the real world location. Is it located in a spot that might have been found and settled by explorers, but wasn't, or perhaps failed? Is it an island that never developed? Or possibly an area that no one ever tried? Is it a national park that doesn't exist in our real world? Etc, etc. 3. Try to imagine its growth and history. Paragon City has a fairly deep historical mythology as example. What might your choice of place look like, and how did it change as time progressed? 4. Try to create a fictional map of the area. Think of it in terms of what it might look like if the game created it as a new expansion. You'll probably wish to have zones with their own descriptions, though nothing here is a requirement. 5. Add some real details. To add a feel of authenticity, whenever possible, do a little reading on your choice of real-world area, and try to incorporate real bits of the area's history into your story. This will make it feel more like a divergent timeline or parallel universe rather than something created whole cloth. 6. Try to use parts of the real world map, whenever possible, in your map creation. Like in the previous point, this will give the feel of a parallel universe or divergent timeline, rather than made from nothing. Of course, something made from nothing can work. The Rogue Islands are again the poster example of this. It may be that you'll want to create a peninsula or rechart a river, etc. 7. Populate your area. Who might your game characters meet if they were to visit this part of the world? Note that it might be sparsely populated (like a ranger in a forest), or populated by something other than human. OF SPECIAL NOTE: Please keep in mind these creations are all a work of fiction. Some of these might actually coincide with home locations of players, or places they have a past connection to. Please do not take insult with the fictional creations should your area come up. It also stands to reason that no one should create deliberate insults to a target area, either.
  4. It was the "Devil in the Dark" episode that did it for me.
  5. Apologies, I'm not familiar with this term. I know the standard mule in an MMO, I've even had a few, but what's the "gambler" adjective bring to it?
  6. I didn't encounter the original Star Trek game until my best friend got his Commodore 64. 5 minutes for the tape drive to load it up. Was it an Atari 400 or 800? I used to be a mall rat/arcade rat, and once I used up all my quarters at Aladdin's Castle, I'd head over to VideoConcepts in hopes some friendly store attendant would let me play the demo games on 400's and 800's when customers weren't shopping for them. Bad cat allergies, here too, but yeah, dog-like cats sound wonderful. We raised many dogs, and SC soil is clay. I never could seem to dig deep enough to satisfy Dad, even though I exhausted and trying to break through a lower layer of clay as hard as bedrock. We eventually switched to cremating our dogs and burying the ashes. Much easier on the back, and surprisingly, less grief since we were not struggling with the body. Depends. And by that I mean we may need to pack some if we're on a long task force. Now name all the Three Stooges. 1) Those were a bit late in my sugar cereal-overloaded Saturday mornings. I'm remembering the premier of Scooby Doo, Where Are You!...the FIRST Scooby Doo (as I'm sure many others are). Saturday mornings were something like 50% Hanna-Barbera, 40% Krofft, and 10% Filmation. Want a trivia question? What was the secret of "Big John, Little John"? 2) Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog. I didn't really care for either trio, but at least the Wonder Twins made a certain sense as to why they were hanging out at the Hall of Justice. I really just wanted them to make The Flash a permanent character, rather than just a guest star. I've never figured out why they never had Martian Manhunter, since he's considered critical to the team roster ever since (except the Joss Whedon movie) 3) For us, it was the dragon. My school had bought a Gimix mainframe to teach the first computer classes, and after we finished homework, 20 of the guys and I would all be playing Adventure. We were stumped for 2 weeks on the trick of removing the sleeping dragon from on top of the Persian rug. After so long, one of the guys cracked, and in rage typed, yelling "Kill Dragon!" The game got snippy with him, and when he retorted, it congratulated him on killing the dragon. Everyone was in shock, and laughed about it for a very long time. 4) Dad had a very large 8-track, cassette, and record collection, maybe around 1200 pieces. He even had reel-to-reel from the 60's, though I wasn't allowed to touch that. I remember The Phoenix. Considering the show lasted 1 month, I'm kinda surprised I do. Even Manimal the next year lasted longer. When I saw Wrath of Khan, I remember thinking about Joaquim, "Hey, that's Phoenix!" There have also been references to the early Superfriends in the animated show Young Justice. The gang have friendly classmates named Marvin and Wendy. I think they had a dog, too, though I don't recall for sure.
  7. I feel your pain. Hopefully your cat is not of the Maine Coon breed. I should have been much slimmer and more athletic at 53 (my brother, at 50, is an Iron Man competitor), but after 24 years and 5 back injuries (3 hits to my cars, 2 work injuries) the doctors are just trying to keep me going. I've had major back and headaches ever since, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle due to pain.
  8. Really sorry to hear the artist didn't deliver on the quality of the statue. I always hate hearing that after a community invests so much into its creation. I recall a story where a Lucille Ball statue was considered hideous and not representative of the actress at all. Shame. If this Chadwick Boseman statue becomes a reality, though we have a lot of great statues by various artists in the region, I'm kind of hoping they pick local artist, Doug Young, with whom I am acquainted. You can see some of his regional sculptures on his web homepage linked below. When Doug created the very popular Shoeless Joe Jackson statue for Joe's hometown, Doug invited the public to join him in physically carving the clay model that would be used, creating a very real connection for the public. I think it would be great for the citizen of Anderson to have a similar participation in any statue of Boseman. https://dougyoungstudios.com/
  9. 1st gen video gamer. (unless you count mainframe games like Bertie the Brain, Spacewar! or the first Star Trek game) Played the Pong coin-op cocktail table game in Spring 1974, and the Magnavox Odyssey console at a kid's club I attended. 1st kid on the block to own an Atari 2600, which I still have with about 40 games, and it still works (though not currently hooked up). mid-range of y'all at 53. AARP thinks I'm old, though.
  10. Only if they'll promise us that we'll someday have an option to swap our our MM ninjas with sushi-eating penguin ninjas...with attitude.
  11. Maybe a bit too geeky. Like Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as the Lone Ranger & Tonto, Chad may forever be associated with the Black Panther, true. But though it may be his biggest box office and splashiest part, he's also known for other inspirational roles, like playing the role of real-life inspiration Jackie Robinson in "42". Perhaps a skilled sculptor can find the way to capture his acting wardrobes placed around his likeness.
  12. It's just a few weeks until the leaves start turning. Should be spectacular.
  13. That's really quite marvelous!
  14. The regional news, not surprisingly, has Chadwick front and center. Among the topics the news discussed, was this gem from his life when "Black Panther" premiered: AmStar Cinemas, the same theater Boseman rented out to allow for underprivileged Anderson area children to watch a free screening of Black Panther, says it is currently working on a plan to show old films featuring Boseman, and donate the admissions to charity. What a great "pay it forward" gesture! His hometown of Anderson is holding a tribute event this Thursday, and several have expressed an interest in placing a statue of him in the center of downtown.
  15. Like my pizzas, I can never have just two ingredients. I'm off to figure out if I can make a cheerleading, cowboy, spaceman zombie.
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