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PPD Defeats in Max's mission not giving credit for Outlaw (Thin Line) badge


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Here I am beginning Max's first mission, attached is my current progress to Outlaw:




Here are 3 Paragon Police, let's see what happens to progress...




All 3 defeated, progress still at 150:



Here's a former Paragon Police from the Founder's mayhem.  Counter did increment:




Mobs in both missions were in the enemy group "Paragon Police", same name.


So, bottom line - the bug is that the PPD mobs in Max's mission do not count for badge progress for Outlaw.


Just additional info - I did Max's mission both as a vig and a rogue, neither time did the counter increase.

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Is it because they are “Awakened” and not straight PPD?

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Max's mission includes other types of PPD mobs, like drones, guardians and enforcers.


I do like a good sciencing though let's see what happens in the PI Mayhem with Awakened.


Still at 151 to begin:




Now 152, so Awakened (like all other PPD) count in mayhems, but not for Max





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