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Rogue Isles Network Highjack


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Earlier today, almost every unprotected networks in the Rogue Isles briefly went out. Television, radios, phones, connected fridges, propaganda boards, everything. Then, from the sudden blackout, came a face, and a voice. Long, white hair covering half the face, golden targeting monocles on one eye, grey irises dancing with gelded datastreams.


"Greetings ! Rogues, Vigilantes, Villains, anything in-between ! I have an... offer. An opportunity, that most of you will like to hear. I am looking for someone. Someone who is adept at magic, one way or another. Who would be willing to sometimes get their hands dirty, sometimes not. I pay well. Very well. I do prefer permanent employement, but... we all know the realities of our line of work. Come one, come all. Look for Nano."

The message feed is quickly cut off from the network, Arachnos' logo briefly flickering whilst the feed is being rerouted. Then all goes back to normal.

((Character name is Nanocrash, Global is Exiliath.))

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