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Fire Shield and Effect: Flames cancel each others' visual effects


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Hopped onto the Beta server to test out the new Effect: Flames power (the one bought with Prismatic Aether Particles). I was playing my corruptor with Fire Shield from Flame Mastery, which uses the same visual effect as the new Effect: Flames power. I found that when I had both powers toggled on, and then toggled either power off, the visual effect associated with the power turned off. This could result in Fire Shield still providing its buffs, and consuming its endurance, but with no visual feedback.

The issue was first noticed using the default power customization themes (Original, Bright Flames, etc.) for both Fire Shield and Effect: Flames. Messing around in the tailor, I found that if Fire Shield is using a different power customization theme than Effect: Flames (say, leaving Fire Shield on Original and changing Effect: Flames to Bright Flames) both effects become visible at the same time, and as a result do not affect each other when toggled on or off. When using the same customization theme with different colors (setting both powers to Bright Flames, but turning the colors of one power red and the other power blue), only one power was visible at a time and toggling one power off turned off the effects for the other.

I also tested this on my dominator using Mind over Body from Psionic Mastery and Effect: Psionic, but the bug did not occur (turning off one toggle caused a momentary visual effect drop, but the effects of the other power immediately activated). I have not yet tested using any other archetypes.

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