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  1. Very cool to hear! Let's say "great minds think alike" on this one 🙂
  2. Of all the new content that the Homecoming team have added to the game, I find that the most ingenious are the exploration tip missions- guides to getting difficult-to-find badges that are integrated into both the game systems and the narrative of the world. Theoretically, you can now get all of the exploration badges in the game without needing to use an outside reference like the wiki or an addon like Vidiotmaps. What I realized last night, as I worked on receiving the Atlas Medallion on another alt for the umpteenth time, is that the same convenience of exploration tip missions
  3. A few people here have had opinions along the lines of "I don't want to be incentivized to do content I don't like". I can understand the desire to have the most optimal play also be the most enjoyable one. However, the game already incentivizes doing unpopular content. Players aren't (often) doing Dr. Quarterfield TFs for the sheer joy of it - they're doing it for the tall stack of merits at the end. A lot of players choose not to participate in that TF except for during its time in the weekly rotation, and many also don't touch it at all. All of those choices are completely valid, and e
  4. Here's my two cents: Spanky's Boardwalk is a very cool but very underutilized area of Talos Island. It's always been one of my favorite areas of the city - not for the reality of what it is, but for the possibility of what it could be. I would really love to see it get a bit of a touch-up alongside the Warriors, with a bit of added detail to bring it in line with some great zones added after the game's release like the Faultline revamp. It seems like an ideal base of operations for them, and could be the location of any new contacts, new mission maps, or both. Plus, as Supertanker added:
  5. Both of these would work pretty well, and I definitely have no problem using the camera:max option for that, but a cursor-targeted bind would be ideal for that and also ground-targeted attacks in some situations where I don't want to click on somebody.
  6. I came to the forums today to try to find this very same functionality. I'd find it very useful for a teleport bind - I use "T" or "Shift+T" for activating my travel powers, and it would be great to be able to just tap T, T, T to teleport long distances instead of needing to press T, Click, T, Click, T, Click. I couldn't think of a more first-world problem to have, but it would be convenient if it was possible.
  7. I didn't think I was spoiling anything, sorry about that! But evidently the Clockwork King is weak enough that you can miss him even when you play through the TF.
  8. Here are some of the qualities that make a task force "good" (in my opinion, of course): Unique content: The best TFs offer something you can't see in the game anywhere else, be it mechanics, maps, enemies, temp powers, or what have you. They don't even have to be super fancy, like the Duray fight mechanics at the end of Admiral Sutter's TF with the air support creating zones of death, but something that sticks in your mind as "the TF that has [X]". For me, Admiral Sutter's TF isn't the Duray fight TF, but the "broken highway map" TF, with special appearances by the "all of those ships o
  9. Fade

    Knock stacks

    I also experience this with my electric controller, two simultaneous hits of jolting chain (from me and one of my Gremlins or just from both of my Gremlins at the same time, which happens quite often) toss enemies around the map.
  10. This might not be a bug, so apologies if this is working as intended. The Spiked Shield shoulder piece on Huge characters seems to have some geometry weirdness - it's very stretched and goes beyond the top of the shoulder quite a bit. This is true for both the symmetrical Shoulders slot and the separated Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder slots. I remember it being different before the i27 update, but unfortunately don't have any screenshots to compare to. I did take a screenshot of the Male character model with the same costume part to show approximately what I remember the piece looking like b
  11. I had the same problem a few weeks ago, so the good news is you're not insane (about this, at least).
  12. I found that to be true with just having Prestige Power Slide toggled on as well.
  13. A quick update: I closed the game and restarted it, logged back in and tried some more customizations, and after turning it off and back on again, not only did the customizations work fine, but I was also refunded the influence charged in the faulty attempts. It seems my bug report might have been a bit premature, but I was getting frustrated here and wanted to commiserate with someone!
  14. I'm having an issue with customizing my powers (specifically my non-primary or secondary set powers, such as Hasten, Prestige Power Slide, and my Incarnate powers) in Icon. It seems that I can go through the process of loading a customization set saved from another costume and finish the editing, but my effects will not be changed, but I will still be charged the influence cost. The screenshots provided will show the following (assuming they're large enough to be legible - I had to resize them to fit the upload requirements, sorry!): The first image is me selecting the powers to
  15. I've noticed something similar on my /dark Dominator. It seems to be an issue with the alt animation paired with quicksnipe. Activating Moon Beam with the alt animation somehow sets many of my other attack animations to their "alt" variants, despite the fact that I didn't select those variants for those powers. Also, when I'm experiencing the bug with those attacks, sometimes flying (with Mystic Flight, but I imagine it would be true of other methods of flight too) keeps looping the beginning of /em flypose1, the transition from normal flying to the flypose. The animation errors persist for aw
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