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The new Surface Tiles don't seem to align things properly


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I have found when using the new Surface Tiles to line up Window Glass  1 parts - which I am using as a floor, instead of making them the same height, it seems to push them up and down randomly, as iff there is an ;under' side and an 'over' side.   Floor tiles have one level - you can only put things down on one side.  You can use two both sides for a Surface Tile, but they don't seem to line up the same!  


I was building Outside the base when I found this happening,  and before base shift was added in.  It did it when dropping down the glass pieces and moving them around - and it seemed random.  When the builder leaves base build mode and comes back to see, the tiles were not aligned as they should have been using an actual  floor Tile.  This is before actually exiting the base - which as I understand it, is generally when base shift gets added in.  I've seen it happen when actually laying the glass pieces down too, so it doesn't seem to be caused by exiting the base editor. It also happened when trynig different sizes of the Surface Tiles - though I didn't try them all. 


I do not know if there is any problem with any of the other pieces yet.  I have not yet tried lining up wall parts using the Surface Tiles yet.  The Window Glass 1 parts definitely don't seem to line up properly using them though - at least not laid down as floors. 


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