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Noble Intentions needs additional Markers 3rd mission


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Ok, running on the Third Mission where you are in Striga.

Find entrance to Secret Lab, get the codes from the guys standing around, open up hidden area, beat up scientist bodyguards, lead him to open up blastdoor, get info from computer, it blows up, Ravenstorm & Dr Todd show up, but quickly want to parlay


Since you said you were beaten up, I chose the Rogue option and let myself get defeated.

Went to Hospital which is in mission, but outside the lab.


R & T were still in the lab, but there's no marker anymore for the vent access, so I had to find it via memory.

The vent marker goes away when you click on the computer and it then blows up.


Definite should have a marker so one can find it again.

Once found, beat them and any ambushes, then mission proceeds normally.


Other things found during mission:

If you click on the computer, you can leave the lab, go outside and then go thru the download data, etc...

R&T will come out to find you, but in the meantime, you have Arvin's sub as a marker along with clearing the 3 groups on the dock, and Defeat Heroes objective noted.

If you click on the sub, you get "Can Not Enter" and the sub marker goes away.

Once you clear the objectives, you can exit, but finding Ravenstorm & Dr Todd can be tricky.  And none of the markers exist anymore.

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And not worth noting on a separate bug, but on the Burgle the Family Ship

If it's possible, the money carts should not be on top of the cargo containers.  Though I suppose some singularity might have accidentally tossed them up there.

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And one more thing:


Rescue Alexander

You don't necessarily need to lead him to the roof top exit.  It's sufficient for you to go to it without him.  My current run, I couldn't get him to follow me after he got distracted with beating up some warriors.  And even after I came back to him, he ran back to where we find him and stopped.

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