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Sentinel Bio Armor Genomic Evolution/Efficient Adaptation


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While in Efficient Adaptation, Genomic Evolution provides a 0.05 bonus to maximum endurance. In other sets, this kind of buff would increase maximum endurance from 100 to 105, but for Bio Armor, it increases it from 100 to 100.05 - a twentieth of one percent of an increase.

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Looks like someone forgot a few zeroes while porting the set to Sents. Normally for max end you have to have the bonus in coding be 100x larger than what in-game displays. So for example a +10% max end (100 -> 110 max) would actually be displayed as 1000% in coding (according to City of Data). A 5% increase should technically be 500% in COD, but right now it's just plain old 5% (divide that by 100). 


Admittedly the set has very good endurance management even with this issue, but it's still offensive purely on principle. 

Closed Beta Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DptUBzh


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