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Strange Flashback Completion

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I was running the Dirge of Chaos Arc from Mercedes Sheldon ( 20-24 ) solo through Flashback today. When I got to the end of the last mission and had escorted Amanda Gates to the exit, suddenly the screen switched to loading the zone and I was outside. No text as far as mission complete, no reward merits text  ( had never ran this arc before ) and I was no longer in Flashback/TF Mode. I was running with "no Enhancements" for the badge, which I received, and the Pillar shows the Arc in Gold which means I have completed it now. No idea if I got the merits or completion bonus. Since you can log out and resume in this situation normally I have no idea what happened. Glad I at least got the badge, the Dirge of Chaos and Chaos Ghosts at the end were a handful with no enhancements, and I really am not interested in doing that again anytime soon.

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