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Magical Me and a Storm/Energy build ???


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Hey all.  My character, Magical Me is looking for a build.  Influence is not a problem.  What am i hoping to accomplish with this build ??


1) Ranged Defense

2) Flight and Hover at lvls 4 and 6 for travel powers

3) Ability to exemplar down for all TFs


P.S.  i don't have mids at the moment, so if you can post the full tree that would be great, and Thanks in advance for all your help.

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i also finally got MRB running on my laptop with help from the MRB discord channel.  I've been tinkering with this build, and i feel there alot of good powers, that need lots of slots.  I notice people don't slot Hurricane, however i find i use it on AVs only.  

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Storm  is controlled chaos. It is  a blast  on teams, but solo a lot of it's potential is wasted. For Energy blast, the single target damage is great, but AoE is very lacking. That being said, the best advise I can give is to simply play around with it until you get the feel for it and what it needs. 


I like storm as a controller secondary, simply so you can control the scatter and stack the controls or fill control gaps. Most of Storm's  powers are  great at 3 or 4 slots. It does have one of the steeper learning curves though.


As a defender, your secondary effects are going to be stronger than any other AT. I personally would not do energy blast if you're going to neuter the secondary  effect. I get it, Energy sucks on teams if the user isn't actively using the knockback to get things back to the group's tank. I'd suggest dark, sonic, radiation, or ice for blasts. Those offer secondary effects that will help your debuffing game while giving you more tools to deal with things  on your way to the AVs 

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