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Go See Bobcat - Dialogue Glitches when touring outside alignment


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Minor dialogue glitch?

I'm not sure if the last patch did this, but when I'm slinking around blueside zones now on my Rogue, any blueside contact I talk to informs me with some variety of dialogue that I should go see Bobcat for new jobs. I tested this alongside @General Stratos and they kept getting told to go see The Pilgrim. In both our cases we were told to go see a single specific contact.


Look, if Bobcat wants my number she can have it, but I'm used to seeing "I don't trust you, maybe if you were more like me" type dialogue from these opposing contacts, so I suspect something is being misread or swapped bizarrely when it comes to reading what jobs are current for your character or who the active contact ought to be. Haven't checked if the reverse is true for a Bluesider touring through the Isles as a vigilante.



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